Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut - Trainer Preview! LinGon смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Nuclear Trinity

    Doesnt work Never Will No link that isnt broken You need to make a new one


    deleted or infected file you guys used to have a perfect site whats this shit

  • Flavio Duarte

    is there also a video who shows how to start the trainer

  • Lianna Babeli

    I have Win 81 Pro x64 running the trainer from my Downloads folder as Administrator clean run and no matter what I attempt no matter the order I do it in it does not seem to work so either a dll is missing or I need to put this in the game folder or something is simply missing I have beaten this game without any form of exploits cheats or trainers at least three or four times but now I39d like to just mess around and have fun Please let me know what I can do to get this program to work Thank you

  • Nicola Floris

    i have win7x64 and the trainer do not worksteam version 20660lang ITA it does not even activate with home i disabled the AV

  • bob51542

    the blog seems to of been deleted is ther a dif site i can get it from

  • Doomtrain

    praxis cheat doesn39t work 39

  • Soralisk

    do you have to place the trainer in the game folder for it too work Im quite new to trainers i generally so i39m just wondering 3

  • Nicht verfügbar!

    yes ive tried everything admin compatibility modestill doesnt workbut ive downloaded the new debug menu for deus ex hr

  • Nicht verfügbar!

    i just tested another trainer for splinter cell blacklist made by you which is working for me on windows 81 so its just this deus ex trainer thats not working

  • ThatLinGon

    I might be because i ade another one with the same thing happening after windows 81 i dont have it myself but have windows 8 standard orginal on another pc

  • Nicht verfügbar!

    Doesnt work for me its the first lingon trainer that wont work maybe windows 81 causes this problems

  • Lucine

    Ok thanks I39ll look into it

  • Lucine

    Hi Could you please help me I don39t know what I39m doing wrong but when I start the game and the trainer and I press any of the buttons nothing happens I pressed the Home button first because I saw that that is the button for the Trainer activation but still nothing happened

  • ThatLinGon

    I am not sure what you meant hereDO you want me to update and add an extra option for ammo only or does the ammoNo reload dont work for you

  • Vito Scarletta

    Would you please update with infinite ammo but reload