Bike Parkour 2.0 - Streets of Barcelona! смотреть видео бесплатно

Watch some incredible BIKE PARKOUR tricks through Barcelona Spain with the one and only Tim Knoll!

Super thanks to Contiki for making this trip happen! Check out more of my adventures with them here:

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Behind The Scenes:

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Music by VanLadyLove

Film by Devin Graham using the RED Weapon.
Edited by Devin Graham and Carter Hogan using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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Bike Parkour 2.0 - Streets of Barcelona!
Дата: 2017-07-26 19:36:33

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  • Mohd Sakib

    plz tell me the name or any code to get this bikehow can I get it



  • Carlos Vázquez-Armero

    te mereces un super laikkkssssssssss

  • lenka majorosova

    nie je to prekvapenie a ty ako rob

  • Tracey Anderson-Grant

    The next spooder man people

  • Joel Molyneux

    make more videos please that was sick

  • Aaron gamer XD ferran cuc nkd


  • christopher emke

    Hey what kind of bike is that

  • Valeria Antunes Brito

    manda uma bike para mim kkkkkkkkkk

  • Lucas Forsblom

    i am not even that good at life

  • Shaikh Azam

    bhai sahi batana kitni bar gira

  • Sfax_ HD

    this is the best chanel ever

  • guivarch pierre oui

  • Pedro henrique

    nao fassao issso em casa kkkkkk


    I ask only one question please be honesthow many times you fall down when you make those stunts

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    plzz tell me the song and I luvd ur stunts

  • Almond

    I like the original better but this one is still amazing Good job

  • Declan Meehan

    I bet he could ride a unicycle

  • Philippe Claus

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  • Kesä Mies

    DUCK this is nothing because i can ride about ten minutes without bmx begs likedream car

  • Master-mode

    Can anyone here walk on hands with bike I can it took me 2 years but now i can

  • Javo

    This is nothing I can ride for 90 miles

  • Asher Chrane

    This is freaking amazing

  • the dealy ninja king

    epic tricks I whant you to do more tricks

  • dzigerica666

    great now i39m double jelaous not that handsome and cant ride bike like thatTHANKS AGAIN YOUTUBE

  • Blue Man

    Amazing tricks Keep it up

  • Prajay Narayan

    his moves are soo smooth

  • Winslow Wilson

    He had never fallen up to the time he made this video Word has it however that he took a tumble and skinned his elbow and has decided to call it quits on bikes People tried to talk him out of retiring but he was far too angry and humiliated about his fall I guess this is the way of star perfectionists and we will miss his performances for a long long time