Bike Parkour 2.0 - Streets of Barcelona! смотреть видео бесплатно

Watch some incredible BIKE PARKOUR tricks through Barcelona Spain with the one and only Tim Knoll!

Super thanks to Contiki for making this trip happen! Check out more of my adventures with them here:

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Behind The Scenes:

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Music by VanLadyLove

Film by Devin Graham using the RED Weapon.
Edited by Devin Graham and Carter Hogan using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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Bike Parkour 2.0 - Streets of Barcelona!
Дата: 2017-01-20 02:27:31

  • devinsupertramp

    Thanks everyone who39s been sharing this video Because of YOU we can continue to keep on making them

  • MaikillerkinkelHD

    Secret Link of the day people Anyone

  • Bishey

    This wasn39t 39BMX parkour39 this was literally only flatland If you wanna see bmx flatland go on his actual channel

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  • Daniil Dimitrov

    As always poor choice of music Just my opinion no bad feelings

  • DubMost

    Como possvel isso mano

  • Gustel

    Am i the only one who finds this pretty cringy

  • tskwared667

    This is nothing I can ride with no hands for like 20 feet

  • Kahandran

    This is why I always choose the Acro bike in pokemon

  • Great Big Scary World by Jamie

    Quote from my girlfriend about the guy in the black tshirt quotWhat the F is he doing superhumanquot Amazing video

  • RSNJediKnight (RSNJediKnight)

    I was waiting for him to pull out his DSR and noscope that noob on flag B

  • Iliyan Popov

    really talentedbut with this outfit reminds me a proper London schmuck from Afghani descent

  • Markus

    you should do a video with Fabio Wibmer

  • Beta Bear

    100 AdamLZ was there

  • Britain Goodemote

    That guy kinda looks like tas melas

  • Raza

    bike parkour this was called freestyle 30 years ago and they did it way better

  • Yassine EL AZMI

    so this guy does everything except using the bike the way he39s supposed to

  • Frederick Seiden

    Bike parkour more like flatland

  • Tim Stariha

  • Ben Oakley

    I think that the man has skills skills skils

  • Drago ZeroOne

    This isn39t quotParkourquot it39s just tricks

  • Swagedy Fox

    Ummm I can39t ride a bike

  • secret

    If you thought that was cool then hold my bear

  • wanted phoenix

    sorry I can39t find this musicwhat does this music title is

  • Jake Smith

    I like the way no one pays attention to Wat he is doing

  • Romi Gutierrez

  • Kurt Gowan

    This was literally just flatland BMX while cool it was not Parkour at all way to use the name of our discipline just to get more attention and add even more confusion as to what Parkour is

  • toni ferreira

    superhuman definitely congratulations

  • 【funny spams】

    i can39t found the title of the song

  • darkman

    115 is kln not barcelona

  • Viggy Vanchi

    Wait how39d he do the sideways wall run thing

  • Evelyn Wells

    It39s a wonderful right love the music

  • Fatma Ozel

    salaklar bunu bende yapyorum

  • Mohammed Basharat

    I did the most best thing ever i jump of wall and landed on my bike

  • lucas oliveira

    dike parkour 1oo e epico

  • Preston Williams

    guy in the video is so sick

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    me resboda ou te metoa porada

  • altin morina

    Excellent I was speechless

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    oque vcs esto falando

  • Stargaymer _YT

    como se llama la cancion

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    It39s funny how all of the places shown in this vid I have gone to

  • Dwarf19

    Devin when you going to make assassin creed chronicles parkour in real life

  • Patrick Larochelle

    I wish I could do that

  • Vishnu prasath

    YouTube should definitely increase the ad revenue or CPM or whatever it is bcoz high quality vids like this has lot of competition agree

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    This is fake or u are Jesus

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