{Modded} Deus Ex: Revision part 1 - Liberty смотреть видео бесплатно

1080p60fps quality is available in the settings!

**My apologies for how dim the video is in a lot of areas here, it wasn't that dim in-game. From part 3 on, the video will be brightened, the UI will be properly scaled and the High Definition Textures for the main characters will be turned on.**

Time to put on our cyberpunk shades one more time as JC Denton and fight for the future in the new overhaul mod, Deus Ex: Revision!

From Caustic Creative, Revision enhances all of the major environments by adding in new assets, textures, lighting and remodeling some maps, includes a new remixed and arranged soundtrack, and new modern features!

Check out Caustic Creative here:

You can get Deus Ex: Revision for Steam here:

A special shout-out to my friend Alex who helped me get this up-and-running! If it wasn't for him, this series wouldn't be happening! Check out his Twitch streams here:

Avatar made by my good friend Jared! Check him out here!

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Дата: 2017-07-26 19:34:41

  • Hisan Chowdhury

    Your pc is shit if you only get 60 fps

  • Ranmaru Richu

    1K views Thank you to everyone who39s watched my poor attempt at the starting area of Deus Ex Revision Again as I mentioned in the description I regret not turning the gamma setting higher to brighten the video and not checking the mod settings which left out HDTP BioMod and the dynamic UI If you39re reading this and would like to see the major changes Revision does to Deus Ex jump to part 3 But thank you to everyone again for taking interest in my little Let39s Play and definitely check out Caustic Creative39s Deus Ex Revision mod which is FREE on Steam

  • wondercoolguy

    WOW i didn39t know this existedThanks

  • Knn B

    Great video Love your other videos too

  • 40End

    My vision is augmented Yet I can39t see JC Denton

  • TheLightBad96

    I know most of the people doing LP39s of Deus Ex like to take the StealthNo KillTakedown Approach but would it be a lot quicker and less troublesome if you just Kill the enemy and be done with it I have not once attempted a stealthy playthrough let alone a No kill playthrough quotI39m not going to dick around and prod a person with an assault shotgun while 2 other guys tear my ass a new onequot

  • Caustic Creative

    The inventory duplication bug is from the original game sadly The various gameplay mods that we use ShifterBiomodHuman Renovation have tried to fix it but not been entirely successful It still seems to happen if you have a weapon equipped when dyingBecause of this error the quotoldquot inventory that are carried over are bugged and won39t work properly that39s why your pistol didn39t have any ammo even if you did have ammo picked up To solve this just drop both of the duplicated items both medkits prods and pistols and then pick them up again

  • ShadowZia


  • Avik De

    u have completely forgotten how to play deus ex v

  • Feral Shyguy

    I39ve had my eye on this since I saw it advertised on Steam This is going to be interesting