Zombie Shooter 2 - PC Gameplay смотреть видео бесплатно

  • kristal play


  • kwart

    I wish they script a Multiplayer Version any scripter could do it

  • JANREY96

    This game takes tons of hours to downloaddont even think about it to delete it

  • Mortal Kombat X Community

    Zombie shooter 4 is coming in 2016

  • Kim Jong-un

    A game fit for the i7 har har har

  • Kim Jong-un

    A game fit for the i7 har har har

  • LTDanno360

    Hey send me this Game please

  • Swastik Sharma

    lolz zombie shooter39s characters39 animationsoundtrack weaponsfirst level are taken from alien shooter 2 which is also made by sigmaThe thing is that they have replaced aliens with zombies

  • edemjkee

    чушьхуже игры ещё не встречал

  • rahhiiann


  • 0bsceneJester

    The Roflocopter has landed

  • toutagamon

    I was trying to make the zombies dance

  • AmsetEd

    why did you keep shooting at the ground the entire mission

  • SlackkeR

    is kind of dead ops arcade

  • toutagamon

    My PC was so fast at the time that it was actually running games from the future xD

  • dePredZ

    well i guess that Sigma games definatly didn39t change much of the features from alien shooter 2

  • Jack Le

    Very deep name for a zombie game

  • Yurgen Véliz

    does it have multiplayer I39ve seen some screenshots and there in the main menu says quotmultiplayerquot

  • kratos kingston

    please tell me what the unlock code is

  • Nathan Berry

    Wouldn39t doubt it

  • Chewy7771

    probably to young to appreciate this style of gameplay

  • WolfloWGames

    the way the zombies die looks so like some1 is actually dying

  • Jovan Roland

    I think it39s called Last Stand Dead Zone

  • HackingDutchman

    What a shitty game I expected something as a third person shooter that graphics are also java game kindsad

  • Nathan Berry

    Aye the game isn39t meant to impress It39s just to give a challenge Every single quotshooter seriesquot games typically have more than 800 enemies on screen at once all charging to obliterate you with guns loads of dispensable health and etcetera in the later levels And that39s just in that singular room There39s hundreds more pouring in from side rooms too That39s where the game actually gets exciting cause it gets REALLY difficult to stay alive

  • Laith Iris

    I won this game in a draw today D Looks fun

  • Su0malainen

    Does it support controllers

  • Ken Yong

    wellif this game can multiplayer and team up with peoples the game will be very easy

  • Serpico's Beard

    I39m like the black plague to the zombie horde in this gameReally great shooter

  • toutagamon

    xBenjaxGuitar Wait until you see the more advanced levels

  • toutagamon

    GigantGatlingGun Fraps mate

  • Naetrox

    The graphics and setting reminds me of Fallout 1

  • toutagamon

    AVenged13m File einai gamato paixnidaki MpesaKai auto kai to Alien Shooter 2 Ta termatisa ola

  • Jermaine0061

    dj54321kl it39s just a gamehouse game dude if t39s not gamehouse it39s level is like the game of gamehouse

  • Jermaine0061

    toutagamon do you know where to get directx 90 cause i39m having trouble opening this game it says can39t start direct3d9

  • ironmike092471

    haha funny game not bad for an indie game good sound fx and explosions they need to work on his leg and body movements though good for you for supporting the small guys quotBrAaaiNsquot

  • toutagamon

    Yeah unfortunately most of them are not mine I tend to buy these kind of small games though I like to support small companies

  • toutagamon

    Yeah it39s pretty cool

  • grpace

    Lol you have a ton of games dude