Deus Ex Human Revolution Cinematic Directors Cut Trailer [HD] смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-08-22 23:34:23

  • Tahmid Antar

    I am still waiting for a trailer or a game to top this one Still waiting

  • verderuso

    Holy fucking shit why do you put fucking annotations all over your videos jesus christ

  • acUnity

    C39esr quoi h plus 3

  • X Grounded

    I Never Asked For This

  • nightrift awy

    i finished disk 1 i have auto save but for some reason when i insert disk 2 it tells me insert disk 1

  • JaG

    amazing ass trailer seriously makes me feel like playing it again

  • Symbiont93

    Its still one of the best trailers I ever saw

  • Sergel

    goosebumps all over the place

  • MrToxic

    Si I39m trying to decide between this and Assasin39s Creed III for my Wii U Any advice

  • Dangerosu

    Yeah great trailer too bad the in game graphics didn39t even come close to this quality This trailer was a hype engine to get people to preorder and get sorely disappointed when they actually play the game The ingame graphics look like a poor early 2000s 3d game and don39t even live up to contemporary Final Fantasy graphics To be honest i was expecting a lot more in visual style and effects when i went into the game seeing as it IS a Square Enix gameDont get me wrong the gameplay and story is pretty good the music does the game justice but the graphics make the game look dated and awkward Textures models animations and voice acting are very poor too and the level design is dodgy The game looks and feels like it was made by Square39s B team after a long summer vacationSquare are always good at making great trailers and cutscenes but apparently not at delivering a well finished product Let39s hope they will invest more in visuals in the sequelStill a good game though Cheers

  • Artem Hrisanov


  • Social8Hypnosis

    Every time I watch this trailer I binge on the game for a week

  • Jason Tiplitsky