Deus Ex Human Revolution Cinematic Directors Cut Trailer [HD] смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-05-24 20:33:02

  • Tahmid Antar

    I am still waiting for a trailer or a game to top this one Still waiting

  • verderuso

    Holy fucking shit why do you put fucking annotations all over your videos jesus christ

  • acUnity

    C39esr quoi h plus 3

  • X Grounded

    I Never Asked For This

  • nightrift awy

    i finished disk 1 i have auto save but for some reason when i insert disk 2 it tells me insert disk 1

  • MrToxic

    Si I39m trying to decide between this and Assasin39s Creed III for my Wii U Any advice

  • Symbiont93

    Its still one of the best trailers I ever saw

  • Dangerosu

    Yeah great trailer too bad the in game graphics didn39t even come close to this quality This trailer was a hype engine to get people to preorder and get sorely disappointed when they actually play the game The ingame graphics look like a poor early 2000s 3d game and don39t even live up to contemporary Final Fantasy graphics To be honest i was expecting a lot more in visual style and effects when i went into the game seeing as it IS a Square Enix gameDont get me wrong the gameplay and story is pretty good the music does the game justice but the graphics make the game look dated and awkward Textures models animations and voice acting are very poor too and the level design is dodgy The game looks and feels like it was made by Square39s B team after a long summer vacationSquare are always good at making great trailers and cutscenes but apparently not at delivering a well finished product Let39s hope they will invest more in visuals in the sequelStill a good game though Cheers

  • JaG

    amazing ass trailer seriously makes me feel like playing it again

  • Artem Hrisanov


  • Serg

    goosebumps all over the place

  • Social8Hypnosis

    Every time I watch this trailer I binge on the game for a week

  • Jason Tiplitsky


  • Victim of Lag

    this almost makes me want to give this game a second shotalmost

  • Grim Reaper

    This game is so awesome

  • Scott Gleason

    h3halflife 3 confirmed

  • Maseice


  • carlos V

    I almost cried so epic

  • Matt

    we need more games like this

  • Cablecar18

    New Game plus is amazing now I can finaly feel like a machine of death throughout the game instead of just near the end

  • Cablecar18

    directors cut is on all platforms now

  • O Lava

    im excited for the wii u version bought deus ex hr back in the day for ps3 and pc and like the advantages the wii u is going to offer

  • Ellie

    Reworked boss fights so you can stealth them graphical updates to make things look a bit cleaner new game plus The Missing Link is now incorporated into the story and a few other things

  • Kayle Lang

    I imagine the next Deus Ex graphically looking like this

  • FoulDream

    I39m wondering the same thing at most they could sell it as an update packed with all other DLC content but pushing it as a whole new game will just be BS

  • LynnJynh9315

    I39m completely stoked for the Director39s Cut Human Revolution had serious problems but it was always just a few steps from perfection If they can fix issues like the bosses this game will be the masterpiece it always should have been

  • johnyyonehand

    the question is are they going to release update to DEHR or are they going to sell it as a new game

  • DevilOnHog

    well if they paid something extra for the exclusivitythere is a logic behind it

  • LatinoBadass

    i dont understand if most of your fan base its on the PC and the rest on 360 and ps3 why in the world would you make the directors cut for wii U only i dont see the logic behind the idea you can say all you whant about the wii u been superior to 360 or ps3 but choosing wii U over PC im sorry but theres no excuse there

  • pseudonym284

    M Night Shamalan and JJ Abrams writing the script

  • carlos V

    I fucking love this trailer

  • Sammy

    Why else wouldn39t they be releasing it on PC and the other consoles then Pretty obvious Nintendo wants exclusives for their crappy Wii

  • Tarek Ramchani

    IMO it39s the best trailer ever I loved the game a great one not the best one of course but the trailer is something great here

  • Joeel Gaucin

    Hopefully the next deus ex on ps4 and pc looks like this

  • BlackSmokeDemon

    Really they wont update the boss battles for the other systems thats bullshit they said they wish they could have redone the boss battle because they made them that they where focused are full combat style players and the stealth players where fucked

  • Sammy

    Complete corruption Nintendo obviously paid off Square Enix to put this on Wii U exclusively because of how horribly their console is bombing

  • speedyguydima

    and Hans Zimmer with Michael McCann as the Soundtrack Composers

  • Schim mihcS

    I don39t always get augmented but when I do I never asked for it

  • AJZulu

    Hahahaha Where did you get this from

  • Dan Zhao

    Holy crap this really fit the video

  • redplague

    Why so we can have a another average movie of a fantastic game I39d rather Chris Nolan and James Cameron do a film together from their own ideas Much greater chance of a fantastic movie then

  • WretchedMoose

    Step 1 Mute videoStep 2 Pause at 010Step 3 Play watchvDeumyOzKqgIStep 4 Resume videoStep 5 Get goosebumps

  • Albert Wesker

    I am going to produce the Deus Ex film once I39m done with Uroboros 20 project as well as Fenrir Amaterasu J39erilo and Yahweh viruses Maybe I could use Adam39s augmentations in my work

  • Chris Roze

    the only way to play it

  • IMFueledBYNoodles

    I actually love the fact that the first thing he says in the trailer is quotI never asked for thisquot

  • g3org32007

    And Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Adam Jensen

  • FalconRS

    He is certain cause CBS bought rights for DE universe in July

  • Sad Light

    are you certain of this

  • Eguarded

    Paramount have plans on doing the movie

  • Eguarded


  • Michael MacDonald

    Love this game love the trailer This should really be made into a movie just a CG movie with all the same voice actors Would be freakin awesome

  • WretchedMoose

    This is like a goddamned movie trailer

  • Armin Römer

    whats rihanna doing with those guns

  • kekduck

    I just played out yesterday and i must say it39s a FUCKII GOOOD GAME

  • SolidSun

    Still one of the most epic game trailers ever created

  • PlayerTw0

    they can not stop us they can not stop the future

  • Ryan Outarsingh

    436 you39re not a condom

  • HandsomeDevilism

    Adam gets served salad instead of soup quotI never asked for thisquotAdam at a party and changes the song from the black keys to Justin Beiber quot If you want to make enemies try and change somethingquotAdam when trying to vote quotI don39t even know who39s side I39m onquotAdam when he39s lost his keys quotI39ll never stop lookingquot

  • Utheree

    Plz i need to download this music or i will die soon

  • Fleximeme Corp

    Looks like the near future

  • mu gæn

    The best character ever made in a game

  • calexise

    mabiniss2 The original trailer is much shorter then this

  • Tempest Wing

    Why is this one called the Director39s cut There39s no difference between this and the normal cinematic trailer

  • SmoothLegend

    Naoki09 Megaupload is down now right I39ll like one if you have another means of sharing it