StarCraft II Launch Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • EbonyManta

    You know in all the years since I played StarCraft I never did figure out why Mengsk left Kerrigan behind

  • Intreductor

    Now when I am done with Legacy of the Void this seems like a very distant past almost nostalgic

  • Dark XzeratuL

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  • Agent Washington

    Theres plenty of vengeance involved Horner

  • Simon Huus Kristensen

    This trailer for Wings of Liberty was SO freaking epic back in 2010 when one really were waiting for the game to be released

  • ProtossX


  • Ghostz Terranz

    War came with all its glory and all its horror

  • mat13channel

    Awesome trailer This is the game with which Blizzard finally started making a good RTS games

  • Ben Crispe

    quotBecause I can offer you what you39ve always wantedquot Did anyone else think that line sounded just a little homoerotic

  • Temirlan Abilkhairov

    221 I don39t remember any trailer or scene with that flying mutas can anyone tell me pls

  • kab hes

    why doesKerrigan let me think about sylvanas

  • KrisMTL

    Epic fucking trailer is EPIC Love when Raynor walks in on the Prince quotI can offer what you39ve always wantedquot ORLY FUcking epic

  • Brony pony880

    I think I39m going to buy it

  • John Yu

    The answer lieswait for itwithin

  • Colin Martin

    Blizzard really shot themselves in the foot by putting Raynor39s story at the beginning of the trilogy Raynor was the best character blizzard has ever come up with and his dichotomy with tychus was incredible The terran are the underdog just from a lore standpoint so their story should have been the triumphant climax

  • Jeremiah Blackstock

    I wish the gameplay looked like this too lol

  • tocaFuji

    I showed it to dad dad asked me quotwhen this movie comes outquot resposne quotDAD It is a gamequot

  • Nova Star

    Whats the song that plays in the trailer starts about 145 in

  • ReclusiveMaple

    Awesome trailer What39s the name of the soundtrack at the end And who composed it

  • 黃宇豪


  • illegalehumor

    One of the best trailers ever even in 2015

  • Star Monkey

    How come I never seen this

  • surreal sir eel

    Is it just me Or does that suit of armor look like atlas from mechwarrior with that skull on it

  • iamthewizard2

    what an utter disappointment the single player turned out to be

  • M. Volgrand

    If I had to choose one single quote from this game I39ll say quotBecause the one thing I know is that there are thing worth fighting forquot

  • Gabriel Morris

    i just finished wings of liberty and really love it i only wish the graphics on my version were better and it didn39t slow down or stop all together when i tried to raised them

  • DomBiohazard

    Make this into a movie pls D

  • TrebronHUN

    I39d definetly watch a movie what would have trailer like this

  • obi0914

    Now if they made games as good ad their videos

  • De Wolfie

    The sad part is that you did the whole WOL campgain for nothing

  • Brony pony880

    What system is it for xbox360

  • Ioncanon

    Would be great with a complete song list

  • priv1leged

    starcraft 2 suxx monkey ballz

  • Schulesucks

    what39s the song at 148 called

  • ConejoZing

    Can I have a refund for my update

  • John Matheson

    This legit gave me chills

  • DawnMoon

    Warcraft is live action though

  • Spike Spiegel

    one of the greatest trailer of all time

  • Drietfoga

    Heresy And the heresy grows from illness

  • The Bellman

    AhNuld could only ever play the Thor Are you kidding

  • The Bellman

    This is another trailer like the Deus Ex HR trailer and the Mobius trailer for Metro LL that gives me shivers every time

  • Gabriel Marius SCARLAT

    Rape dat button rape it

  • Games Walkthrough Channel

    299 zergs don39t like this trailer

  • nk koron

    sometimes this game feels like space marine

  • comperko

    Audiomachine Akkadian Empire

  • Defiant Moon

    everything about starcraft makes me want to play it everything but the RTSEpic Story kickass characters and amazing art but i just can39t RTS i dont have fun doing it its like a better Halo yeah i said it and if it were a FPS i would totally play it

  • Eastwind4869

    I only watched this because of the Piny craft 2 video

  • Trayson Nichols

    Is it just me or does this look like a movie trailer

  • Gabriel

    Because it would take triple the time to make a movie than a game

  • tavi921

    Even nonfans would be all over that

  • Unknown Desert

    different character faces

  • sanzoriver

    In hindsight the game was every bit as epic as the trailer for once

  • meh moi

    omg whats the name of the song that kicks in at 145

  • Player7

    2 words Battlecruiser operational

  • Minomutchi

    And now we wait for Void of Legacy D

  • SovietUnion100

    This game sucked dick first one was amazing

  • Thecatnipproject

    They did a full length movie for the doom franchiese though

  • VietQProduction

    The Greatest Game Ever Created

  • IllIIIIlll

    cost and time for that kind of animation

  • Knappen Gaming

    043 Did he say narnia