Dark Souls Debut Trailer [HD] смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-07-20 17:44:23

  • El very mucho bad Hombre

    Best game I39ve ever played

  • I fight for my friends.

    The way Nito gets his own cinematic shot at the end that lingers longer than the others I can imagine some people assumed he was probably going to be the big villain of the game

  • TheBioBeast

    One of the best games ever made

  • Doominator99

    All these people arguing about Dark Souls vs Skyrim And I39m just sitting here playing Cooking Mama

  • Demone Braithewate

    Still here My most favoured piece of fiction ever created truly an artistic masterpiece

  • Vienreich

    One of the best games ever made Masterpiece

  • Force Warrior

    118 gave me goosebumps

  • _ TheBlaiZe

    With around 400 hours spent in game is it bad that I39ve never even seen the trailer

  • 1objection

    Imagine how excellent Dark Souls 2 will be now that FromSoft has money

  • Rebel Raime

    best game ever made too bad the trailer wasn39t prerendered like Demon Souls Dark Souls 2 3 amp Bloodborne

  • Lenard Likes Pie

    Dark Souls is one of the best games I39ve played What makes Dark Souls stand out from other games of its kind is that it doesn39t go easy on the player from start to finish But at the same time it makes the players feel that it39s not impossible if you just keep trying You39ll eventually understand the enemy39s pattern of movement and attacks you39ll eventually find your enemy39s weakness you39ll eventually improve your reflexes to the point that you can just easily block the attacks of the same opponents which you had problems blocking before And the feeling you get from beating a boss that took you a lot of tries to defeat is unlike any other

  • João Faria

    Dois dias pra pegar de graa flw vlw at

  • Aaron18Cvx

    For those who want a companion in dark souls on the PS3 my psn is MRKASH97 My current location is the bonfire near the darkroot garden and the blacksmith on the bottom floor

  • OniKanji

    Damn this game seems awesome when does it come out for xbox 360

  • DovahSpy

    Even the fucking trailer is a Taurus demon walktrough L2Dark Souls motherfuckers you have no right to complain Capra is total bullshit though

  • jollyjak59

    157 where the fuck is that black knight

  • TrueWOPR

    214 Amazing Chest Ahead

  • Shiggy Diggy

    gt neato39s face when casuls try to play

  • D.E. C.V.

    The first bonfire looks amazing with Tarkus the firekeeper and the Chosen Undead interactin39

  • jkunblade

    This game is quickly destroying my life

  • Aaron18Cvx

    this game is hard it took me many tries to finish the 1st boss and anytips for counterattacking

  • EpicMickey

    114 because TARKAAAS

  • SomeStupid ldiot

    I can39t wait for this to come out on the Atari Jaguar

  • PlatinumDragon88

    At least you don39t loose part of your health bar everytime you die and once you get a fire keeper soul infinite humanity glitch It is easier then dark souls dark souls 2 ignoring ng and Ds239s trio dlc The only thing I like about dark souls two is bonfire ascetics and co op that39s pretty much it

  • Thomas Schiffer

    After I have played Demon39s Souls for the first time this trailer was like I dunno maybe the best thing I had ever seen39 No Trailer since got me more excited for any game and thankfuly the game was as good as I had hoped back then

  • Knightsof Zalzabar

    Check out our channel guys we are doing a let39s play of Dark Souls and will be doing another one when DS2 comes out for PC

  • Denwerism

    you did well suffering is good on the path to carnage

  • snoutout

    The dark realm is a fucking illusion

  • YexL0rd

    One of the best game trailers ever made

  • Dragon Slayer Gaming

    This game comes out for free next month Sweet

  • MegaMark0000

    I want the gesture at 119

  • Zackarco

    Would it be awesome if Fromsoft ported Dark Souls 1 on to their new engine then resold the game I39d totally buy that shit in a heartbeat

  • Kokosnuss

    fuck you machinima we would appreciate you 10 times more if you woudn39t wipe your fuckin logo like a dick in our faces no on fuckin likes it no one

  • mezuki64

    SAO Dark Souls edition Kirto would not last one day in this world lol dual wielding will not save him this time around

  • Quolley

    Dark Souls isn39t hard It39s a fantastic game but it39s not hard Well maybe if you39re used to the casual handholding simulators it is

  • harveyajh


  • The Chosen Undead

    I am the Deathdefiler the Witchbane the Dragonslayer and the Kingconqueror I am the Bellringer Golemvanquisher Knightlord and Executioner of executioners I am he who may link the fire or let it die Whether I continue the Age of Fire or usher in the Age of Dark is my choice I have destroyed demons and giants I have walked the Abyss and slain its father Even the everlasting dragons shrink in fear at the mention of my name I am the usurper of the Lords I am the Chosen UndeadYou a god stand against me yet you think you can win

  • Paris Hilton

    Greatest game of all time

  • thewiseman64

    still ds1 gt demon39s soulsgt ds2

  • Shaun Milfler

    132 does this really exist in game

  • Olbed Hayak Asimov

    And only the Dark will remianY solo la Oscuridad prevaleceraI love this partAmo esta parte

  • Isaac Romero Bottini

    who is better dark souls skyrim or both i would like to play dark soul it looks nice and the history too

  • Beast of the Far East

    this trailer showed about 60 areas of the actual gameI wonder how much they showed in Dark Souls 2 trailer I really hope they only showed less than 15Dark Souls is too short but that39s because It39s unfinished I hope this time they didn39t make the same mistaketoo many environment flaws in Dark Soulseven Demon39s Souls has better atmosphere and visuals