Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist - E3 2012 Single Player Gameplay Demo HD смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-04-24 18:20:43

  • Aru Gin

    fun game o i just wish there were more missions for multi MUCH MOREboring when you just sweep them with a friend in a few min

  • Sjons

    this kinda looks like assassins creed with guns

  • 69lol69

    Is this a FPS or a Disney World ride like CoD

  • Blend Bapir

    the script is fucking bullshit since when did Ubisoft have the right to frame the Kurdish flag in this game This is a national flag in a terrorist camp which they refer to how could they possibly frame a national flag Kurd39s have always fought against terrorism never was one This is so fucked

  • Chuck Algren

    Oh god why is it always the arabs Probably the most dull enemy you could ever pitch Sam against

  • Zio Panda

    really boring game don39t buy it


    game like assassins creed D

  • kablilulellohhh

    Almost everything changedWhat about the quotchoicesquot like the one in the video to call the UAV to destroy the machine I didn39t see ANY kind of choice like this at least on the main campaign missions or the Grim side missions

  • tchina37

    Jeu fini D

  • Giles Smith

    They are playing this game the way I never play it Assault mode and the easy win button Realistic all the way with full stealth This video was one of the reasons this game had poor prerelease support

  • Dercian

    well pc doesnt use auto aim and you dont have to be a historian of any kind to understand that just logical thinkingand theres no arguing about that pressing the i believe z buttonnot sure on the n64 controller would make you auto aim in zelda though you cant really compare it to that in modern games the stuff in zelda i39d call more of a easy targeting systemthough just to be clear and easy about it most games where you shoot even nintendo64 etc had a form of aim assist

  • BigAirChicago22

    It39s easier for those who don39t want to put the effort in I39m a Console gamer but I39ll play the games with whatever settings they have in them I39m not a Console gaming master race type of person I just enjoy the games

  • JolietJake64

    Why don39t the people who prefer consoles use their heads and think about the inevitable consequences of their choice Are you really playing a game if it39s doing your aiming for you

  • BigAirChicago22

    Why not let people who prefer consoles over PC and vice versa enjoy their games instead of complaining and arguing that the PC is better

  • Dercian

    metal gear solid on the ps1auto aim aswell but that was 1995when the ps1 came out so it doesnt surprise me you don39t know that plenty of games in the 9039s had it as by far not all controls were as smooth sure you could auto aim in mgs1 aswell but it was wobbly as shit


    ha yeah i noticed that too I wonder why they took it outunless it was never in

  • crimsonkinge

    This mission never happenedWTF

  • Co-op Bosses

    Playing the game right now itisamazing

  • JolietJake64

    Consoles are the reason for the dumbing down of games It39s to help those idiots aim

  • Ariel Fiez

    tomclancysblacklistkeyDOTcomyrDOTcomJust got a key there

  • George R.

    Hitman Absolution Assassin Creed Blacklist

  • George R.

    Hitman Absolution anyone

  • Kinming Wong

    True IS there going to be multiplayer in the game

  • Ahmed Younis

    Nothing wrong about following the steps of agent 47

  • Kinming Wong

    The execution meter thing seems the same as hitman absolution

  • Bryan Blaak

    Double agent was awful Thats what ruined the series The first two games and chaos theory is where it needs to be

  • Sherif

    i think it was conviction

  • shudhanshu ranjan

    plz upload ghost recon future soldier 2

  • Secretservicedentist

    Hey guys since Splinter Cell double agent was the last quotgreatquot Splinter Cell game go back and play Splinter Cell double agent Leave the new games to us and please stop pretending that allowing players to choose how they approach gameplay is making games easier It39s making them a more fun unique experience for everybody even you and your misguided nostalgia

  • MrDeathprof

    i gonna buy this one this is awsome

  • Scott Cassell

    Does anybody else want to see Sam Fisher in Assassin39s creed taking down templars

  • Jayesh Pawar

    voice recognition hell yeah

  • LemonTonic2012

    WTF predator missiles in splinter cell

  • dakota denna

    its being released sometime in august

  • MyGamerTV

    Sam has gained Ezio39s abilities xD

  • lavidaestonta

    Its like MGS in the past

  • Carlos Araojo

    how the heck did he mark those exicutions so quickley

  • NeckNoddinOnDaBeat

    at 1st i played uncharted and i thought i would off never come across a game as cool as uncharted is couldnt play anything else but uncharted then my girl bought me the hitman and wooow what a game i39m totally over uncharted nowi just hope splinter cell is goin to be as awesome as these two games are

  • Angel Naumov

    is this game for pc

  • Francesco Mazzi

    I just hope Ubisoft will deliver us one last amazing Splinter Cell with the dear old stealth gameplay They can always do a prequel before Double Agent or i don39t know I would give everything to have atleast a last true Splinter Cell

  • Robert

    223 quotsam is always one step of his enemiesquotWait what XD

  • Lorenking

    ma che porcata mai questa ubisoft riesce a sfornare capolavori come shootmania e a rovinarne altri come splinter cell

  • Lorenking

    la solita commercialata ormai tomb rider splinter cell crysis e tanti altri lo sono diventati Mi dispiace perch questi giochi i primi erano dei fottuti capolavori Ormai il mondo dei videogiochi diventato un chi guadagna di piu E i giochi sono diventati dei film che non hanno pi niente della parola gioco ma rimasto solo video

  • Lew Astor

    he should put on a GoPro Cam with this kind of speed of execution

  • dem0nhunter1606

    Just the one for the GamecubePC and console version was the starting point of the shittyness of the franchise

  • nikflickz

    505 air strike Seriously I thought this is splinter cell not some crappy game called Saints Row It39s a stealth game for god39s sake

  • Biemme BM

    Assassins creed max paine

  • Vecchioinpensione

    507 what A missile A missile in a stealth game UBISOFTfuck you

  • videotape panpan

    241 248 BULLLSHTT

  • videotape panpan


  • Max Ammo

    Where39s the inflitration so sad

  • Robert Frederick

    i thought it was conviction the last one

  • Zombiedude101z

    The new running animation looks kinda retarded

  • YouKnowNothingAdrian

    They turned a game about stealth into a quite Rambo It39s pleasing to eye but this game better have an incredible story or it will be garbage

  • Apex of Exertion

    now splinter cell become actionstealth more liberty sorry bad english im italian

  • OttoBear

    Yeah I39m sure

  • MyDUDE1997

    you idiot its my brothers account this game sucks face it moron

  • ThePotHeadGamer

    if you say this game sucks you clearly dnt like stealth games for example assassins creed is a stealth game stop hatin such a good game

  • OttoBear

    You39re 15 you39re old enough to play this game Fck off Your were born 1997 by your name

  • MyDUDE1997

    Pls dont compare this shit to AC

  • MyDUDE1997

    This game sucks