Deus Ex: Human Revolution CGI Extended Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Mega Man

    that last line it39s not the end of the world but you can see it from here ain39t that the truth

  • Mani Raj Tmg

    battle boss was not difficult villen there many more

  • nexornator

    such a staggering trailer is mid 2016 still haven39t seen something as stunning than this trailer O

  • irishmarine3

    This is the best video game trailer of all time

  • Knowan

    425 Michelle Obama is firing on the crowd

  • Teagon Barry

    even the part at the end with the rocket in the game its a small pod hes not wearing a suit and the pod leaves the atmosphere for like 3 seconds before diving back down to go visit Rapture i remember a time when a quotTrailerquot was something you watched to see what you were getting into its Illegal as fuck to lie about how much chocolate is in a candy bar so why is it second nature for everyone to do it on games that are 50x the value of the candy Like our government always using fear tactics to distract everyone from real issues To make you fear your neighbor because if everyone united we could actually change the foundation of this corrupt totaltarian US government but i digress the point is i own every good game from the last decade and i barely paid like 5 bucks for most of them only a fool pays full price for a candy bar with no nutrition label

  • Tahmid Antar

    Show me any trailer out there that tops this masterpieceI dare you

  • Ted Hendershot

    In retrospect this is kind of an awful trailer but quotit39s not the end of the world but you can see it from herequot is a brilliant turn of phrase and should have been used more

  • Left 4 the Dead

    I never asked for this If you want to make enemies try and change somethingDAMN does Elias Toufexis have a damn good voice

  • MrNoobkiller131

    we didn39t ask for this trailer it was given to us

  • 3BE3DHbIU

    ну просто шикарный трейлерпроходил я эту игру просто с полнейшим удовольствием да согласен недоработки были НО когда последний раз вы играли в нечто подобное

  • KlashaB12

    they should make this a movie D played the game it was awesome if they ever want to make movies based on games please do them in CGI

  • Zextify

    This felt like a trailer to a movie not a video game

  • Paulo H

    god this makes me remenber of the old times i played deus ex this music makes me remenber of the time i was soo addicted to deus ex 1 i even tried to do a mod recreating the game for the cryengine listening to this song every day i dont even know how to do a model BUT I TRIED lol cant wait for this remenber the dark atmosphere from deus ex and everything you see here is very possible on our future

  • EratsuRaztor

    SupahNerd true that xD im with you all the way

  • LeeShawBrown

    StrEagle Eh that39s an anime I want realistic CGI movies like this trailer lol

  • StrEagle

    leeshawbrown Ghost in the Shell

  • tsabszy

    the feeling of this trailer is unbelievable O

  • Gabriel Khelifi

    mkbannaz i think so too

  • mkbannaz

    By far the best trailer of a game ever possibly i think so

  • Martin Baez

    I used to have an xbox360but the thing just burned Damn you 3 red ligthsTTNow I39m trying to get some money so i can play MVC3 the sooner it comes out to market

  • Martin Baez

    gatien321 geez thanksooU

  • Martin Baez


  • Martin Baez

    But seriously i can39t figure it outWhat39s all this game about

  • Martin Baez

    comicguy00 LOL And you should be the teacher for sure

  • Vancoor

    Please Enix regain my respect and make this game as good as as it looks

  • Brainles5


  • Martin Baez

    I don39t understand

  • Partyzan006

    I really hope they won39t fuck the gameplay cuz39 the story and the characters are just AWESOME

  • LeeShawBrown

    They really need to start making full length CGI movies like this Especially CGI movies based on games

  • Silvannetwork

    EpicAwesomeDeus Ex D

  • poopikins

    This would make an awesome CGI movie


    SCIFI RULES nuff said

  • NeoRaidenn

    OMG I WANT THIS My Brain just had a meltdown jsfsadkjghsakjdfghsdkjlghsdg

  • ebere213

    TinyTitian You forgot to add story concepts from MGS

  • BoyTitan

    fuck halo fuck call of duty fuck gears of war I want dis game this better be good as it looks I mean dam I just saw some one punch threw a wall to break some ones neck 0o

  • Geoff Palomino

    I guess Rihanna is going to be making her videogame debut in this game417

  • CmdSheperd

    Wow this trailer actually makes the game look badass and it seems to start under a very familiar premise like the first one I hope Ubisoft delivers

  • Tim clarke

    wellmy mind is blown

  • xy274

    Game looks goodbut im not sure about gameplay wise

  • ShinoFuKaze

    dude it look so awesome can39t wait to get it and i hope it has coop that will be even more awesome whoo

  • Salad Hate

    I cant find right words to describe how awesome this trailer is Deux Ex creators should contact Wachowski brothers to make a movie based on this game

  • kess Stevenson

    This game wants to be too epic but I feel it39s going to fall short

  • MrBrad0814

    looks badass the other games were sweet

  • shieldsa899

    roits in detroit glad to see nothing has changed