Deus Ex: Human Revolution CGI Extended Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Exile

    that last line it39s not the end of the world but you can see it from here ain39t that the truth

  • nexornator

    such a staggering trailer is mid 2016 still haven39t seen something as stunning than this trailer O

  • Mani Raj Tmg

    battle boss was not difficult villen there many more

  • irishmarine3

    This is the best video game trailer of all time

  • Knowan

    425 Michelle Obama is firing on the crowd

  • Teagon Barry

    even the part at the end with the rocket in the game its a small pod hes not wearing a suit and the pod leaves the atmosphere for like 3 seconds before diving back down to go visit Rapture i remember a time when a quotTrailerquot was something you watched to see what you were getting into its Illegal as fuck to lie about how much chocolate is in a candy bar so why is it second nature for everyone to do it on games that are 50x the value of the candy Like our government always using fear tactics to distract everyone from real issues To make you fear your neighbor because if everyone united we could actually change the foundation of this corrupt totaltarian US government but i digress the point is i own every good game from the last decade and i barely paid like 5 bucks for most of them only a fool pays full price for a candy bar with no nutrition label

  • Tahmid Antar

    Show me any trailer out there that tops this masterpieceI dare you

  • Ted Hendershot

    In retrospect this is kind of an awful trailer but quotit39s not the end of the world but you can see it from herequot is a brilliant turn of phrase and should have been used more

  • Left 4 the Dead

    I never asked for this If you want to make enemies try and change somethingDAMN does Elias Toufexis have a damn good voice