Parkour Vs Security смотреть видео бесплатно

Hey every one here is my pk vs security the guard was fat but fast


Alex Lustig - Light [Bass Boosted]

Sigma - Stay (Kat Krazy Remix)

20syl - Voices feat. Rita J.

(Turbo Kid trailer OST) Le Matos – Playtime Is Over (Death Waltz)
Дата: 2017-01-17 18:04:11

  • Eensein

    He didn39t even chase you lol

  • Arekide the dankest

    There wasn39t even security you put text like one kept chasing you but there was nothing there

  • Corstal

    I disliked this video not because it was fake but because you did a horrible job at faking it

  • Damon Humble

    This guy is the worlds slowest runner

  • MaxKCool

    You were running dead ass slow climbed a few walls and got quotchasedquot by some fat dude who didn39t even move

  • Boredom Queen

    hmmmm kinda curious if the person in the video is a she or a guy

  • Chandler Sparks

    This is fucking stupid

  • Halle Balle

    sorry but you run like a fucking retard

  • Sub2

    You aint fooling anybody

  • Meme Lord

    The subtitles sound like it was written by 12 year olds

  • Tupac Shakur

    Nobody39s chasing him and he39s the slowest known mothafcka I39ve ever seen and wtf is up the the dabbing while he39s running ugly ass

  • George Manders

    nobodys even chasing you you dumb fuck

  • Mason Hartgrove

    no socks what are u doing mate

  • WLP

    if he said what he said and you said what you said then whats the point in making it so we cant hear you Fake subtitles and nobody is even chasing you

  • Bosko Nikolic

    What are the best shoes for parkourfree running

  • Metallic Bladez

    Nobody gonna mention that he put his shoes on without socks Dude probably got some sweaty toe fungus

  • Saphyr V2

    lul no1 is chasing you he just followed you into the area of that building ayy lmao

  • danieldn10002

    i love how in 607 you wrote that he said something there was no one there D

  • rob3rt lul

    would be better without music in my oppinion

  • Elite_Panther

    Yeah you totally said all that shit when your fucking camera is in your mouth Dip Shit

  • MegaSnuga

    this is all I want to do run away from someone with super parlour kinda hard since I39m young


    Tha39s freeruning not parkour

  • Yuñg Jëdii

    fake to the fucking max

  • TyTanTM

    song at minute 626plis

  • Lepa Ivanovic

    Just how they move their hands while running it remi ds me on keemstar quotim fast as fuck boiiquot XD

  • Batman.

    poor fat dude when you did the first steps i bet he quited

  • ภє๒ยฬคggเ๏g 04

    so let me get this straightyou go to the mall like that

  • Cade Whitmore

    Why do parkour videos always have music like this Why not death metal That would be badass

  • gree squid t

    bro 1st he dint put socks on

  • aj wagner

    he isn39t even being chased

  • Mayhem_2_0_0_1

    this guy can39t spell for shit


    Im sorry but this was fake as fuck homie

  • Nil RubioXx

    vaya falso tu pones textos i todo eso pero el video es una solemne mierda en ningun momento sale ningun segurata

  • Tyler Riddle

    I thought he was gonna jump into the river lol

  • Archie Dunham

    wtf this is just a pov of you running around not even doing parkour and not even being chased

  • Boy Huskey

    this was cringey as fuck

  • Inferno potato

    hes not even followed

  • The Fazbear Fan

    where is the Security guard

  • killerfrog17

    I39m not sure what39s more sad the fact that some people think they39re clever because they39ve managed to figure out that this is fake or the fact that this guy didn39t have a friend to play as the security guard

  • fuck this

    imagine the people watching this cunt hop around like a autist i feel sorry for his family

  • Manev MD

    He is not even chasing you lol fake dislike for that

  • Ethan Daniel

    fuckin fagot is making this up

  • Friendly Jason

    Leave him a lone it was awesome good job and I liked and subscribed keep up the good work

  • Partydog900!!!!

    Almost at 100 subs keep it up D

  • Daniel Chastain

    i like how yall are hating on him well how about you go make a video and run from security i bet your fater than the security guard

  • Tom van der wulp

    you39re a fuckin39 pussy

  • Jorge Lombardía Castillo

    Fake Any real run to leave any security or cops Crash a window and run with real motivation If you do write me and I subscribe to your channel You have potential can do better Kid level PD Don39t do near your home haha

  • Ja5on C0rb3tt

    what type of shoe do i need to walk on slanted roofs

  • GD_King_Dre

    Bruh why you fucking running with yo hands lookin like they slicing air

  • Jarrett Martin Wu

    security no one is there you need to learn how to run and stop thinking you know what you39re doing when all you do is balance on Shit and just over small walls


    why didnt u just go there first in da 1st day fuck u r timid

  • Gritz Wolf

    anyone else bothered by him putting sneakers on without socks

  • The diamond creeper cape

    the security guy was not chassising hem

  • TheSpittLadz ECFR

    It goes silent an 545

  • Caleb Thompson

    No one was even there the subtitles are fake af choose music that isnt as bad as ur video

  • Kyle Leonard

    Your running away from nothing

  • Esteban Gutierrez

    I like it but you could39ve put sound

  • SepticPaws :D

    1K likes and 1K dislikesIlluminati confirmed

  • The XDgamer

    why don39t you just show us the audio of the security guard

  • Noah Mojica

    boi kys for makeing dis vid

  • XxEdixX GAMING

    I did get up on a tower and parkouring lol

  • Raven White

    It can39t have been the next day when you were wearing the same clothes