Deus Ex Human Revolution All Cutscenes w/ Missing Link DLC & All Endings смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Unraveled Ghost

    I have this one but I have not gotten far

  • UncleHo19

    Except for Tracer Tong the faces of Chinese characters and many characters of other ethnicities look really shtty poorly modeled for such a hyped game almost unnatural Just compare it with Sleeping Dogs which was released only a few months later and you39ll understand what I mean The first Deus Ex released in 2000 or quotMetal Gear Solid 2 Sons of libertyquot 2001 had proportionately better facial modeling I usually don39t regard graphics as a priority and I don39t think this is a bad game but this is frustrating

  • Andrea Sanders

    I loved Cyberpunk dark colors fashion and ankle bootscombat boots

  • Raymond Ngu

    How does youtube play the cutscenes in 1080p but in the game they39re blurry