Deus Ex: Human Revolution Soundtrack (Full) смотреть видео бесплатно

Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST.
Composer: Michael McCann

0:00 Icarus - Main Theme
3:43 Opening Credits
6:00 Main Menu
7:53 First and Last
11:09 Detroit City Ambient (Part 1)
13:14 Detroit Marketplace
17:02 The Mole
19:29 Barrett Boss Fight
22:20 Home
24:40 Jewel of the Orient
25:46 Lower Hengsha Ambient (Part 1)
28:10 Singapore Ambient (Part 2)
30:36 After the Crash
34:42 The Hive
38:40 Harvesters
41:40 Hung Hua Brothel (Extended)
45:00 Everybody Lies
49:43 LIMB Clinic
51:29 Penthouse
53:08 Hengsha Daylight (Part 1)
57:35 Entering TYM
59:32 Return to Hengsha
1:02:17 And Away We Go
1:03:37 Namir (Trailer Edit)
1:06:09 Endings
Дата: 2017-02-24 20:14:18

  • Badass Elite

    There is just something about cyberpunk dystopian music that I enjoy

  • Ross Kopynets

    I find this music more iconic than the music in deus ex mankind divided

  • Trevor Philips

    Mankind Divided was awesome but it was depressing demoralizingHuman Revolution was such a beautiful renaissance energizing and inspiring

  • Robert Alexander

    better than mankind divided

  • Felype Rennan

    Main menu theme is absolutely fucking perfect

  • Flanger

    Main Menu theme always gets me with mixed emotions

  • Ilyana Galen

    Don39t know why but the Main Menu track is just perfect it somehow recreates the feel and atmospheric 39pulse39 of this game in a less than twominute piece of music

  • VandiPL

    I don39t get how that game didn39t get much hype one of the best I39ve ever played

  • ACNetwork

    lol Deus Ex Mankind Divided is literally the only game I am looking forward to this year

  • Efrain Pina

    I love the main menu theme so much it39s so relaxing though

  • vivasparkle13 gg

    oh my this sounds amazing seriously im listening to this the whole day

  • Morpheus Necrosis

    Just completed the game recently for the first time Wow one of the best games of all time and the most underrated game ever love it and can39t wait for the next game mankind divided Adam Jensen is such a lovable and awesome character he39s now one of my favourite characters of all times along with Snake Prince Dastan Isaac Clark and Shepard

  • TheLordshinnok

    Awesome video I finished all the quests got all perks and did all takedowns

  • EagleLogic

    Deus Ex Human Revolution is the one of the best games I39ve ever played Fucking incredible

  • 3rd World Gamer

    So I finished Mankind Divided like last month or so but this game was much better and the OST was much better also

  • Jason Riehl

    This music positively changed my life in so many ways

  • Bruno Oliveira

    I would definitely go to a nightclub where they only played Deus Ex battle themes

  • Herrgolani

    For some reason the soundtrack of the new DE MD doesn39t seem to give me the same feeling as the original Is it just me

  • johnny english

    Reminds me of tronGreat synth sound Modern classic

  • Kakashi Hatake

    I got a third Sharingan

  • Jaderson diniz

    melhor game que ja joguei ate hoje

  • Ariel Conte

    big game I39m not finish yet bud is a good good game

  • Info King

    awesomeness on the top level

  • Atash Azadi

    Adam jenson a one bloody bad ass guy ever everywhere he goes he kicks ass like chuck norries

  • lel

    its 2017 why are we not in the cyberpunk themei didnt ask for this

  • Gilbert Beilschmidt

    I listen to this soundtrack while programming and especially quotHomequot 2220 when I39m soldering electronics at night My lamp on my desk gives orange yellowy brightness that is reflected on my black glass table Outside the city at midnight moves like it is day

  • Juozapas Špokas

    Do you guys know what this music genre is called

  • Guillaume Quirion

    The soundtrack I listen to while reading berserk Don39t know why but I think it goes well with it

  • Jamie O'Brien

    Deus exThe game where the sound tracks get better as their sequels get worse

  • Dan Jakabhazi

    Whenever unsure if you39re still human play this Goosebumps coming in 3 2 1

  • The Secular Barbershop Podcast

    Goddamn it still holds up

  • Miyuk9p

    Lol I39m listening to Hung Hua Brothel Extended with headphones for the first time and I think McCann sampled porn audio material into it D

  • goodthunderbluffkid

    Man how talented is this Honestly often these games aren39t worth nearly as much as the OST depth wise

  • Tatrasiel7

    Anyone notice how Namirs theme is a lot like the mankind divided theme Almost like a continuation

  • Hades

    the main theme of Deus Ex HR the beginning always gives me goose pimps and it is one of my favourite video game theme songs of all time

  • bagpuss121

    Icarus Is My Favourite Track

  • 91Pulp

    bought the game after listening to this

  • Dmitriy Lomanov

    Шедеврально Я в восторге

  • Alessandro Faria

    Lovely Augmented Soundtrack

  • QuiDeprimentium

    Just completed my first playthrough after buying the directors cut and I believe it39s now one of my personal favorites

  • AnssiVIH

    I would love it if every time i came home from work 2220 would play I39d take a glass of whiskey and say out loud quotI never asked for thisquot

  • Yami Biggz

    Harvesters theme my favourite

  • Rob Lenton Lenton

    we got LIMB Clinic but wheres the Singaspore version

  • LukeTheMuss101 _

    Anyone else love the Singapore theme I love that part of of the game Sneaking around with that music just makes it feel so intense like I39m on the verge of uncovering something big

  • CI-FI

    great music for a fantastic game 1010

  • nsa3679 - 1

    It39s sad that they used more another composers for MD

  • Nikita Stefanovich

    Почемуто хочется не просить об этом

  • Ben Walker

    jordies got good taste in music stooge

  • Yura Smeh

    Божественное попадание музыки и в сюжет и в динамику Лучший саунд к игре в истории МаКкан продвинул игру своим саундом Его заслуга в успехе игры процентов 25 не меньше

  • maximumjesus

    I never asked for this soundtrack

  • Paul Birsan

    Did so many programming hours with this piece of art

  • MadDilla ATCQstarr

    Home 2220 when I 1st played this game I hung out at quotHomequot for almost an hour taking in the ambient music and Dystopian quotBlade Runneresquequot futureI also had to come to this after just watching the Blade Runner 2049 teaser

  • Eduardo Rasgado

    I make and program robots with this masterpiece I am sure this kind of future is coming and no body will stop it

  • Blockistic

    This game has style DEMD Not so sure

  • Josh Blayney

    This is the best music to listen to when working on assignments

  • Infowars Moderator

    950 OHHHHHH MY GOD EARGASM it39s so epic

  • Hulk Nam

    Soundtrackis best disco music

  • Bartkus Productions

    After quite some time i still come here regularly to listen to this great and magical music which heals and cleanses my soul everytime

  • maxs deux ex

    охуено блять аш плакать хочется

  • Conan the Barbarian

    been playing deus ex since the first installment great games and great Score to match

  • Gregory Cook

    A great soundtrack for a great game

  • Bruno Mantovaneli

    I think there are many missing tracks in this OST I was hoping I39d find out the name of my favorite one I think it plays when you39re about to leave Singapore to Panchaea but it isn39t there Too bad Thanks for uploading though