The Long Dark Challenges : Whiteout! - Gameplay Introduction - Part 1 смотреть видео бесплатно

The Long Dark returns, this time with a new challenge mode for us to apply our survival skills to! Let's start out with Whiteout!

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Дата: 2017-01-24 14:14:34

  • GravelsNotAFood

    I love the hell outta this game

  • TaekwonCrawfish

    Wool still stays warm when its wet Cotton is the one you need to worry about

  • Psycho Scotty

    Splat do you know your the king of indi games

  • fixer10091994

    I run around in a tanktop at 10C

  • 28OntheRise

    Survivorman and dual survival were my favorite survival shows

  • James Rowland

    confirmed yes there are some assholes in canada

  • GravelsNotAFood

    Splat in the second house you went to you missed a container that had the fully automatic missile launcher You should probably go get it

  • Dakota Wright

    Oh damn splat said a wordy dirty in a normal video I39m liking the new splat

  • Purple Is Cheeki

    What39s the back story to this game

  • Rudevald

    Cmon Splatts we love you no matter what

  • Ilya Kuryakin

    dont worry youre not THAT big of an idiottheres worse on the tube D

  • Kyle Lynch

    is the story mode for this game ever gonna come out

  • CrystalEmbrace

    Your voice makes this so easy to listen and watch

  • TheExcitedDoge

    I39m supposed to play the long dark but this one bear keeps eating my ass

  • TeeHazmat Gaming

    THERE39S A NEW MAP the challenges were there for a long time

  • TheGamingPesto

    I remember your old series D that39s how I got here

  • Yrmix

    Am I the only one who said quotOh shitquot When he scrolled to the Old Bear challenge

  • Dookus Maximus

    That Long JohnsShort Johns joke elicited a genuine fit of laughter 1

  • Connor Duncan

    Man I love watching this game but playing it would scare the hell outta me Avoiding wolves and just the noises Fear of the unknown is worse than knowing what is out their

  • Easter Bunny

    Why you cant just melt the snow

  • Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    1510 there is a painting of a pancake

  • Miss Gam

    Thank for playing whiteoutLove it

  • VyseRogue13

    Sit around alone to long and you39ll end talking to a snowman

  • Hado

    Been a year since I found Splatty and his last Long Dark series Thanks for the good year mang

  • light aqua

    he said nomad before whiteout not even realizingor he did and just didn39t say anything

  • Chuckarrian

    quotthere39s a deer over there I don3939t want it to got to waste but I don3939t have a cutting toolquot Use ya teeth ya pussy

  • A simple faggot

    i love watching people play the long dark since i cant play it myself c

  • Dethcat

    Nuclear Winter maybe

  • June Vollans

    Me and hubby love people like you who give new stuff to thrift stores cause we39re the people on retirement incomes who need to buy them So thanks

  • Nicholas Taylor

    Splatter just so you know people who have followed you for a few years may know you better then you think me do like how i know you live in southern California and that you may live in San Diego and how you broke either your caff or your hip from filling socks with penny39s and tying it around your hipSorry for going complete stalker

  • James Dillon

    i im from canada and yes ther is the odd ass

  • Dave Hatch

    Seriously you39ve been saying Toque that way Thats actually hilarious at first Im Canadian then i look at the spelling again And then the quotNice guys up here with Aholes distributed in therequot 1710 is Ridiculously perfect and on point Hahaha

  • TheBlueRoseKnight

    So glad to see more of you playing The Long Dark

  • Barry Hollett

    love these vids thanks for starting another series

  • nathan moronchuk

    Yes Us Canadians are great and in many ways can I relate to this game at least on the cold part of it it39s freezing here majority of the year but you tend to get used to it

  • MonocleMouse

    I always love when Splat plays this xp

  • tacoman22a

    hey splatter cat I just got this game any advice

  • Ahmso

    the long dark is such a good game

  • GoldenStarPHD

    thanks from a canadian

  • Ben Jones

    I39m Canadian I don39t understand some of the jokes

  • EnderWiggin

    Thanks for coming back to Long Dark

  • RyanBears Simmer

    i fucking lost it when he said making out with the 30 ot 6 at 1440

  • Wolf

    I am hoping he gets to meet Fluffy again

  • darz otto

    please post more long dark in this channel not twitchh

  • Sergej Miladinovic

    Thank the Lord that this is finally back

  • ambi

    Yay challenge runs And here I thought we were running through old content again Best of luck with your loots

  • Dylan Teno

    Can you not play as a lady in this game

  • Emily Belville

    yaaaaaaasss more TLD Literally the best game Period

  • Brandon Cox

    Crouch more look under couches and tables and look in bathroom cabinets lol

  • Nick Nevco

    Think you should probably get new shoes a bit before there are holes in them just say39n

  • Karbon


  • phillip moore

    Definitely my favorite game on the channel

  • Abd Mujib Alauddin

    Yes I do love watching your survival series ever since i found your channel

  • Dimitrisgr98

    YES SplatterCat plays mire Long Dark I LOVE this game

  • KILLED88

    It39s odd how much I love watching you play this game quite relaxing

  • Erik Olson

    Glad to see you return to The Long Dark man Really enjoyed your first playthroughs

  • Jason O'Shea

    alternatively you could be less of an idiot

  • Easydoomesday Jr

    Timberwolf mountain succ

  • Muhammad Satrio

    I thought whiteout the mobile game not a challenge

  • Glyan14

    Can you set the temp for Fahrenheit

  • RPP Produciton

    I can tell this is going to be a good series

  • Lauren Powers

    Best Survival game imo

  • Dude Man

    I love this game I found your channel on the first time you played this game

  • KillConfirmed

    Hah I39m wearing underarmor thermal pants and shirt as I watch this So comfortable

  • Lars Reimann

    Who often did he say quotLikequot

  • Ethan Fraker

    use a map throu out this whol game it really helps I did the nomad but use a map USE THE MAP MAN

  • Lazirus64

    so happy youre playing this again

  • Jake M

    I believe the stamina bar is restricted based on the weight of your clothing It39s nice to be warm but it can weigh you down

  • Jane Doe

    I cannot decide which Splatseries I like best the Long Dark or Darkest Dungeon Both are my favorites