Deus Ex Mankind Divided PC - Part 2 - Let's Play Deus Ex Mankind Divided смотреть видео бесплатно

Let's Play Deus Ex, Mankind Divided! Jensen is back and chasing the illluminati yet again through a dystopian world where robofolks get shit on.

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Дата: 2017-07-22 11:43:49

  • Amarok

    It seems the audio falls off sync later in the video

  • PopulateTheMoon

    The audio is desynched

  • ZZCopter

    someone got a link to a good lets play of this game Where the player tries to get through the game and you dont have to watch the player just waiting

  • Warrior for God Forever

    Try throwing things to distract your prey mate

  • J'aiq the sly

    Jensen is weak Getting blurred vision from a single beer

  • Ghastly Grinner

    this game makes me want to play shadowrun

  • George Bush

    quote of the year quotthere be like what nobody in there and il be like ahhh and dominate them in the face holequotSplattercat 2016

  • Patavinity

    A killing machine augmented with millions of dollars39 worth of tech and he39s wasted after one beer

  • Vojtěch Ptáček

    There seem to be quite a lot of those bodies in this game Can You spell quotFRANCISquot with them Thank You good sir

  • Tyler Cullen

    I find it surprising that there39s no option to put suppressors on your weapons If anything the close range weapons should have the option even if you have to spend credits for it


    why is the audio way off from the actual game play

  • Pea Games

    You see how unfinished game is when mobs are stiff like dolls

  • HonorableAssassins

    whys this gotta come out while im scrounging for a new computer

  • gamer spice

    Are my vid bad tell me what you think

  • Dakota Dean

    there was a hole behind the box in that locked room so you could have bypass that elevator people

  • Brandon

    sucks the sound is so off sync

  • Alex Knutson

    The sound is off splatt

  • jarred

    Yeah the audio sync is off later in the vid

  • MikeAffec

    SplatterCatGaming is it possible that you move you39re mouse a little more quotcinematicquot smoother while not in a action sequence That will make it more enjoyable to watch Not having to calculate what move you did within that second

  • False

    just me or does splat play excruciatingly cautious like yea you gotta be careful with stealth but not dick around for 5 minutes moving bodies

  • 死者フォーマット d e a d f o r m a tTM

    I keep looking at all the stuff he is passing and I want to scream at the screen that he missed something not like angrily but like loudly so he can hear it

  • Melvyn Suller

    Hay dude just found your channel through your dying light expansion series gotta say I39m loving your channel Where in the states you from my friend

  • sunny oul

    It said like Daus not days

  • gamer spice

    Why are u saying plz no

  • Raid Domi

    I don39t like how its E to knock him out and hold E to execute Idk what they were thinking its an easy mistake to make

  • Catman

    Looks alright not sure if I39d buy it for how much it is atm but it39s mainly having to do with me liking detail in games No weapon swaying when moving the camera and the mouth movement when they talk being off actually bugs me quite a bit

  • gamer spice

    is it something with the video

  • Ino145

    Should39ve moved the crate P You can break walls a

  • wolf

    you may wanna play with a feminist next to you to trigger that jump better