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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided directly follows the aftermath
of the Aug Incident, a day when mechanically augmented citizens all over the world were stripped of control over their minds and bodies, resulting in the deaths of millions of innocents. The year is now 2029, and the golden era of augmentations is over. Mechanically augmented humans have been deemed outcasts and segregated from the rest of society. Crime and acts of terror serve as a thin veil to cover up an overarching conspiracy aimed at controlling the future of mankind…

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming soon on PlayStation 4. #CantKillProgress

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  • Henry Han

    I39m just here to say that I cried when Eliza appeared in the game

  • Freddie Mercury

    A sequelI never asked for thisI begged for it


    Human Revolution Jensen learns to accept his new robotic body and chooses to add additional upgrade to make him a greater threat in battleMankind Divided Hes basically Jesus

  • tstochuj

    This trailer makes me sad It39s so obvious that Mankind Divided was meant to be a bigger game but the shekelsteins at Square Enix pushed it out the doorstep The trailer strongly suggests that Marchenko would be a much more fleshed out villain whereas in the actual game he just sort of appears and then sort of dies ending the game in an incredibly anticlimactic way All these interesting plot set ups just to end it so abruptly what a shame Mankind Divided honestly felt like half of a game It should be named Deus Ex The Cliffhanger instead And I wonder how much actual content the introduction of Breach mode cost us

  • SolidMGSnake

    Kinda disappointed that his shield isnt gold color in the game Its black instead

  • Tada Bandri

    Sad truth is maybe one day all this will be real

  • dan henry

    All this trailer is showing methaphorically is happening today in Europe Terrorist groups taking advantage of the old rules of Europe and committing one atrocious act after the other Their actions will cause reactions that will change the old rules forever The Golden Age is over the age of Reason has begun

  • MrCreeper

    We just need a movie with Keanu Reeves already

  • EpicYak

    Why does everyone want a movie Can we accept that games are a sufficient and sometimes more appropriate medium for story telling

  • Dual Wield

    Jensen the next overwatch hero

  • jefthereaper

    Nanomachines son They harden in response to physical trauma

  • Sadamitsu Nakatani

    i would better watch a movie like that but not such murderous and without that stereotypical quotbad Russian guyquot

  • Ivan Bishop

    Even though I39m this game is old sort of but I still find it a good game especially the trailer

  • Apollo-N

    I hope that next game will be in NeoParis like in Remember Me cause i love this concept

  • Cheese Token

    I39ve revisited and watched this trailer like ten times It39s the hypest thing

  • Tony Stark • Artificial

    This needs to be a movie

  • Nick Daniels

    there needs to be a movie I would pay quite a bit for ut

  • IAmRezaF

    lemme get it staright did he just one man army all of those enemies man if only we actually can do dat

  • oh baby a tripol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Please someone let me know something does this game continue after the destroy Panchaea ending option in deus ex human revolution Cause I have seen an article in Gamespot that says quotAccording to an interview which originally appeared in the latest issue of GameInformer this last ending they39re talking about the destroy Panchea ending is the point from which Mankind Divided continues it39s storyquotPlus now that I see this trailer I39ve realized that those images of Adam under water make it look like it because it seems he did blew Panchea up and then he was rescued Can anyone please confirm this

  • Ali // A Squad

    one of the best games of the year and the saddest game story

  • Tony Louis

    this game was one of the best ive played so far

  • Paul Douglas

    quotthe darkness must endquot Proceeds to kill everyone in the room

  • Sentiqus1

    This trailer is so much scam

  • kelly wilson whitehead

    I39ve never played Deus Ex so I must ask should I Cause this looks awesome

  • tstochuj

    If only combat was like this in the actual game lol

  • Simon

    Wait did he just said we are a human beans

  • Sezume

    They should do a movie

  • B20C0

    Best thing is The trailer showcases how NOT to play Deus Ex D

  • CiyborgCommando

    one of the best trailers out for sure

  • Or

    I want This Omg

  • Varun Khare

    The best trailer of any PC game I have ever seen

  • wyn-wyn sitiation

    Just finished it Even if he wasn39t in this trailer It couldn39t be more obvious that marchenko is the villain Its like a darth vader entrance the second you see him you can tell he39ll be the final boss

  • Haris Tasawar

    I thought that this game would have the best soundtrack and will win the Best Soundtrack at the Game Awards But then came DOOM

  • Ilona Blinger Kruizinga

    The game of the year I don39t want to stop playing Best game I played till so far with gta v Uncharted 4 and Mad Max at the ps4

  • dani t

    Disapointedway to short17 hoursno kills no alarms

  • Mark Meason

    Having played and finished the game there is so much of the gamestory missing that was in this trailer1 The man is the gold hoodie Could this be Janus Looks like a major character cut from the game2 The blue building that we see in the background was featured in the trailer I assumed we would visit it Or is it to be dlc contentAll in all it was a great game but it had no third act and no real ending

  • Simon

    I never asked for this

  • Martin Plesl

    cool in the Czech Republic

  • Stiliyan Kirov

    Too bad the gameplay is nothing like the trailer

  • Frank Pritchard

    Haven39t finished this one yet But I think they need to hop on to another character now I think Anna Kelso would be a great story to follow

  • Martha Elena Ugalde

    Snake39s son now has his own game hahaha it39s just a joke don39t get angry

  • Murad Hasanov

    This music in the background just awesome

  • Andika Wydiato

    is this an open world game sorry for bad english

  • X Grounded

    Sometime We have to let goy

  • Pineapple

    0129 Illuminati Confirmed

  • Sky Ren

    there wouldn39t be terrorist cells if the government was not being prejudiced against augs and abusing them like they are it was Hugh Darrow39s fault he purposefully made the augs go crazy just so they could have a reason to ban augmentation treat people like animals long enough and they39ll act like it what Jensen doesn39t realize is that the government wants him out too because he39s heavily augmented as well so he should be on his peoples side

  • Alex Sperandio

    Ladies and gentlemanI bring to you the mechanical world The future of America as President Trump

  • God

    did this live up to its hype

  • ethos islami

    how many sharp part does he have

  • Brigada Aeriana

    Game of the year wtfff

  • swag team homie

    the graphics for the trailer are better than the actual game

  • Ravus Nox Fleuret

    I really hope we can choose a side Augs all day ps i really hope they fixed the problem HR had Those fcking boss fights lol

  • Anna Chegnahaeva

    я из раша ваш непонимаша

  • Waqas Hameed

    this is already available here now should i buy it or not that39s the question