Caves of Qud - Chewing Thru Qud - Part 3 Let's Play Caves of Qud Gameplay смотреть видео бесплатно

Caves of Qud! It's a roguelike, it's the best, and we're gonna play it! Let's check out some Caves of Qud, one of my all time favorite RL's!

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Дата: 2017-07-22 11:43:25

  • Kevin Belden

    moar caves of Qud i love this series

  • Rexels Tom

    these episodes are nowhere near long enough

  • Gray Au

    1212 Harambe vibes RIP

  • 28OntheRise

    I want to borrow the mutation system from this game and apply it to something I find more engaging

  • Victor Horcel

    be careful splat beguiled creatures can go back to normalI had a brute who murdered me after a fighti know because i named him marcus

  • Dday reaper115

    I havebeen subscribed for 1 year now

  • Milo Carteret

    I found a pool of thousands of dregs I think it39s dregs of water in Red Rock so money is now never an issue

  • Mokrite Gaming

    I mean when you talk about archery in terms of bending a stick to shoot other sticks then yeah it sounds kinda dumb tbh lol

  • Lance Uppercut

    Oh dayum it39s dead is dead I mean I read it was a roguelike but yeah it didn39t really sink in lol That makes it so you think how you go at something I love that gtD

  • quizzlie

    SpoilerHe dies 37 seconds in

  • NefariousKoel

    LockUnlock in the quotLookquot view just turns the SnapToHostile function off So you39d turn it to Unlock if your cursor keeps snapping to an enemy target when you are attempting to look at something on the ground in it39s direction instead

  • RedGryz

    Hey Splat Coquetry is basically flirtation If you39ve ever heard the term quotcoquettishquot that39s what it derives from Now I39m not saying that whipping it out can39t be considered a form of flirtation mind maybe just a little more forward than usual Then again we are often talking about interspecies relations so maybe the direct route is the right oneI39m overthinking this again aren39t I

  • Blakwater

    Sweet Digging this play through

  • Sif the Shapeless

    Beware starvation as food is harder to come by than water It39s a smart move to pick up the butchery skill or to go on hunts before travelling too far so you can carry some small corpses with you Harvestry is also an option although the cooldown is quite long Psychometry is an excellent mutation that lets you communicate with the soul of an artifact and learn how to create it you can do this for bullets and arrows

  • Milo Carteret

    Splatt press quotgquot above the chest to take it Relocating the chest can help you empty a dungeon without worrying about carrying capacity

  • Lance Uppercut

    Fuuuck baboons and their feces throwing ways Throw feces at me I39ll throw feces at you gtO throws feces back at baboon

  • J B

    Do you know about baboons You should KNOW about baboons Haha

  • Zsolo

    Is a ho ie BeR like a honey bear Bad joke

  • youseeIkick

    1754 Nice bear pun splattercat

  • deathscreton

    Did he ever figure out that the boar skin glvoes he gave him the thing actually equipped

  • York Mills

    Thanks for the episode

  • Ser Beardian

    Loving the series and will definitely be hunting this game down when I get home in about an hour

  • Nick DeCapua

    A 14 toughness is a pretty challenging build 18 will probably position you better for the early game

  • Mordenperson

    Spectacles instead of sword you could of bought a musket too for less bandages

  • William Smith

    It39s an interesting game definitely worth a pickup if you enjoy frustration Thanks Splat

  • orlondok

    Entertainment please continue

  • dracothrope

    Loving this series D Glad to see updates

  • Robincoffin

    You sold the bird reputation armor 39

  • Milo Carteret

    I think regeneration is too good a mutation to pass up

  • Ian

    Loving this qud series More

  • Kasaris

    I believe you can get everything you want from Dromad39s chest He lets you do whatever you want

  • ambi

    Splatt you forgot to grab the quest from the shrine statue that you talked about in the previous episode

  • Iago HauChi

    Nice game Splattercat I was searching for a good rpgroguelike to play This looks like it will be a good series D

  • Wintter Dior

    The last time I played as a Ranger in a DampD game I had a baboon as an animal companion Great choice I must say

  • TheZackplant

    more caves of qud please

  • Val Donchev

    quotI assume it39s just me whipping my wiener out at something until it decides it wants to be with mequot Splattercat 2017

  • Doom Jester

    I wouldn39t mind seeing more of this kinda reminiscent of Neo Scavenger On that note though I39d opt for you pacing yourself though so as to not burn it out

  • bbqe schorcher

    Keep them coming splat I love this game too I39m playing right along side you

  • MultiSimpleUsername

    Bought Caves of Qud last night and I have been enjoying it a lot Love to see you play these indie games it helps me choose what to buy sometimes when I want something new

  • Cole Miller

    Coquetry is being flirtatious I39m not jumping to any conclusions but is beguiler more like bestiality Seducing an animal with your coquetry The root word is coquette which is a flirtatious woman slut

  • AnythingGoes

    I wouldn39t recommend going to red rock until at least level three You can do this easily by accepting the artifact missions and actually going to the place instead of giving the guy artifacts right away

  • Osmodium

    So far this game seems like it already has a ton of content and judging by the time it takes to get just through the first dungeon I hope this series can go on for a good while Keep up the great work and play lt3

  • Paul Varjak

    Hey Splat one of the creators of Qud posts pretty frequently on the Something Awful forums You should go to the game dev threads there if you39re interested

  • Tim Roland

    Watching this game is like looking at the source code of the Matrix

  • TBDF12

    it39s like dwarf fortress but with better gui

  • Marcelo Gonzalez

    So I find a desert rifle in one the chests in the village a healing tonic and started of with a thermal and high explosive grenade So I39m super kecked out and I go in the red rock only to die from bleeding because I didn39t notice I was bleeding

  • segrabozwo

    This is a pretty nice Let39s Play

  • Fist me Daddy

    You should do a stream of this

  • spoonbender

    Splat if you get Domination along with Beguile you can actually level up your allies and give them items

  • Blood Studios

    More Caves of Qud