Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay Trailer 2016 PS4 XBOX ONE смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Khaled Gamer

    Hey guys my friend wants to trade that game with me and ill give him witcher 3 wild hunt i dont play witcher 3 didnt like it just should i

  • Madrid Monarch

    Imagine a cybernetic augmented enhanced Frank Castle The Punisher would be fucking unstoppable

  • Wanderer628

    This looks fucking awesome

  • JTReviewsPlus

    Adam Jensen sounds like Roarshach

  • john Calderon

    He looks like h3h3 in the thumbnail

  • André Amorim

    I loved this trailer just amazing Not only this game is based in our reality it has his own incredible story based in choices I do have to confess the plot of the game and this speech motivates me a lot to play it D

  • Kenshi0909

    I was on an information blackout ever since this game got announced I really enjoyed the first one and I39m pleased to see that they39ve kept the polygonal gold and black aesthetic So freaking good

  • HippieYoda

    You just gotta love Elias Toufexis

  • nickmeistersa

    Jenson looks like he39s casually brushing off his shoulder with that hand cannon he39s holding

  • Nick Nevco

    odd how much Elias Toufexis sounds like Nicolas Cage

  • Nazdrovia

    ferrofluid as a titan shield cool

  • Deli Oyuncu

    Ooooooooohhhhhhh 500k subscribers congratulations

  • SunBro's \[T]/

    quotCoughquot Many endings quotcoughquot quotcoughquot

  • CoolRex87

    Damn Hitler39s in the game lol

  • Anshuman Srivastava

    ive watched all the deus ex trailers atleast 56 times oo im even playing the original and will probably play invisible war before this comes out

  • morbideclipse66

    man so excited the last deus ex was phenomenal so I can39t imagine this


    BobPage spotedoriginal Deus Ex canon confirmd

  • John Farson

    I can39t wait the OST this music is awesome

  • 4K Ultra HD

    Is this NEO What a crap copy of Keanu Reeves looks success Though this one looks like Neo old and dumber They just can39t even innovate with looks today Storyline The FUTURE The mankind divided The apocalypse The War OHH that39s for sure innovation All different What a crap I think THIS GAME HERE is a full copy of a lot of franchises to make it one game The most ridiculous mix of franchises ever The guy is a mix of Neo and Robocop They also copied things from Crysis OMG Also character models looks worse than a PS3 exclusive This is complete garbage And people is gonna buy this that makes it even worse Discover yourself the rest of franchises the armsword is hilarious

  • Ezra K1llg00d

    129 savage af would play infintitygoogol

  • Kaiden Krueger

    So did Adam quit Sarif Industries

  • Robert Strickland

    bruh when is this game coming out already

  • Jiří Hladík

    I found only 7 czech words from the trailer great D

  • dv2244

    idk why but this game looks like it has bad controls

  • Mr X

    if im not mistaken this is about the future that awaits us definitely buying this game

  • Krystin Grant

    wowwwww I loved the first game

  • J vinton

    This looks absolutely stunning I can see myself ditching every other game to get lost in jensen39s adventure Human Revolution was amazing I hope this raises that bar

  • Captain Price

    2016 is awesome Years of gaming

  • ShadowedSasuke

    This game is going to be fire can39t wait to see lethal and non lethal consequences

  • Captain Price

    i39m working by The book

  • Extra THICC

    I always asked for this

  • DarthSmart

    not having good facial animation in 2016 should be an actual crime

  • Console Freaked

    Comment ur last 3 used emojis Lololo help me reach my goal of 5k subs got some gaming vids amazing as hell