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MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA ALL CUTSCENES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRCEK2eYAVs

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Spec Ops: The Line has one of the best stories of any game in recent years, and is extremely underrated. Its story is mysterious, twisted and will keep you on the edge of your seat. You might have never heard of this game, or played it, but it's worth watching. As always we included gameplay, dialogue and cutscenes to create one fluid narrative. We hope you enjoy, and if you do, make sure you like, comment and share!

Gameplay by Yofatdaddyyy
Edited by javihavi

Six months prior to the game, the worst series of dust storms in recorded history began across Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai's politicians and wealthy elite downplayed the situation before evacuating in secret, leaving countless Emiratis and foreign migrant workers behind. Colonel John Konrad (Bruce Boxleitner), the decorated but post-traumatic stress disorder-troubled commander of the fictional "Damned 33rd" Infantry Battalion of the United States Army, was returning home with his unit from Afghanistan when the storms struck. Konrad volunteered the Damned 33rd to help the relief efforts, then deserted with the entire unit when ordered to abandon the city and its refugees. As the storms intensified, a massive storm wall engulfed Dubai for miles, disrupting surveillance and communication, air travel, and all but the strongest radio broadcasts. The 33rd declared martial law, and struggled to maintain order amid 80 mph winds, riots, and dwindling resources. The last communication from Dubai stated that the 33rd was attempting to lead a caravan out of the city. The caravan never arrived, and soon afterwards the UAE declared Dubai a no-man's-land. All travel to the city was barred, the 33rd was publicly disavowed for treason, and no further news left the city.

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  • dwayne lawson

    hey by chance can you do ghost recon future solider

  • Michael Biland

    quotDo you feel like a hero yetquot

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    This whole game failure of communication None of this would39ve happen if everyone had patience to talk to eachother


    Don39t make em like this anymore Gaming industry has become like Hollywood too chicken to anything risque Love the sht outta this game though1

  • Alex M

    Crazy story I wouldn39t doubt for a bit if something similar tothis ever happened It shows that when its war there is nogood evil versus evil evil killing people In the end noones wins its always necessary evils that win These are the kind ofquestions that we all should think about while we are cozy in a country with food water television schools communities and not insane and 3rd world country living Nothing is perfect there is only Gray and black there isn39t truly good I39m this worldonly gray

  • Rhia I

    I played this game and I enjoyed it wayyyy too much After playing this I could never play any shooter with enthusiasm

  • Ludoviajante

    Hey did you get any trouble with this video Because I want to make a let39s play but the 2k police says that we shouldn39t monetize their games Sorry for my English I39m brazilian

  • Johnny Rotten

    2430 I like sex with women do you

  • Skye Troy

    Ever notice that Nolan North is always a voice actor in a video game hailed with a fantastic story Last of Us Uncharted etc

  • Eriol

    thank you to put all the endings I bought the game but cannot really play it really well but some people recommend it because of the story this is really depressing

  • leadstreaks

    WHAT THE ACTUALLY F JUST HAPPENEDWish they made movies this good holy hell

  • Shamus Bob

    Yeah the fucked up thing is this is the quotHappy endingquot so to speak Walker comes to terms with what he39s done and the fact he39s delusional and mentally broken So in his guilt in knowing he alone was responsible for the white phosphorus bringing his men into situations that treaded way beyond a recon mission getting them killed so he can play hero And I went along with it all as well I felt it was going to be run of the mill in terms of story but step by step I started to realize that I was being gripped by the story and dialog The pacing was always perfect and it was soon becoming apparent that this actually had something to say I played every possibility and even though there is no happy endings this is no place for no hero

  • ParasitePostill

    Love this game Purely for how vicious it gets on you And also because of the sweet touch in the opening credits where it puts the player in as a special guest It takes the time to reel you in before strapping you into the electric chair and that I won39t forget in a hurry

  • Skye Troy

    I39m at quotthatquot part of the videofuck manthis is so good

  • 2jacko5

    What an amazing game Thanks GLP for making this movie edition Also the lenghth was perfect for me tonight I sat down to find a movie to watch but this was so worth it Such a sad but brilliant storyBut I didn39t get onething in the helicopter why didWalker say 39wealready did this39

  • Faeridae

    But if you had rescued the civilians from the start the world would know what Konrad did and the UAE and the whole middle east would have declared war on the US thats why the CIA wanted the whole city to die right So by killing everyone in Dubai including your fellow 33rd you saved even more lifes

  • tank382

    SO your gamer tag is Yofatdaddyyy

  • Elems187

    in hindsight its very telling where Walker placed the walkietalkie that he was using to 39communicate39 with Konrad i39m sure anyone here understands the phrase quotthe little voice in the back or my mindquot

  • Alex Blake

    wowfirst game in a while with an ending that leaves me so speechless and stunned plot twist or what

  • TheRisky9

    This was a generic cover shooter game that was saved by its stellar narrative It took a lot of the soldier tropes where the one soldier defies orders of his ignorant commanders to save the day and turns it on its head The second play through is completely different as everything comes into context

  • Brevyan Singollo

    This game is the rightful successor of BLACK

  • RaphielDrake

    quotDo you feel like a hero yetquot

  • Gforcegaming 21

    walker sounds like nathan drake when he yells

  • Chris Morris

    You know Gamer39s Little Playground none of this would have happened if you just stopped

  • Canta Per Me

    Isn39t Adams the same guy who was the voice actor for Irish in Battlefield 4

  • Halo Stories/ III Prod

    wowthis was amazingthey need to make a movie on thisI feel odd after watching this now

  • Geralt De Rivia

    Such a shame that games kile COD or BF keep selling millions recycling formules and this infinetely better game is in the dark apreciated by a few people

  • Elijah Hoban

    Second time watching and I still think Lugo and Adams sound like Pac and Irish from BF4

  • That1lameguy

    Fuck man this game is deep

  • Paul Farrer Music

    I39d heard about this a while back as a chef i don39t really have time to play games much but was intrigued about the story behind this Absolutely killer Immersive as hell Thank you kindly for putting this together Much appreciated

  • A. K.

    just wow this was a excellent story maybe the new games should learn from this to make better story

  • Igyzone

    Is the voice acto of the main character same who voices Drake from Uncharted

  • LopeyKneeGrow

    I think what helps make this game so great is the fact that it looks like your generic CoD clone When in reality its so much deeper it has a story that you really have to stop to think about and such a greater message that it delivers truly a hidden masterpiece in a mess of shitty brown generic shooters

  • lshalo3

    why don39t you add credits For a game like this a little calm is great to think about what you just experienced

  • Xaveze

    Moral Gray Area and Mindfuck The Game

  • necronastik

    This game so needs a sequel

  • Kemonokami

    Sometimes I wonder if Lugo was actually Walker39s conscience

  • Suspect on foot[FIN]

    For everyone who haven39t played the game that was only one of the four endings

  • Brady King

    When things get out of control to this extent blame gets put on many or focused on one I don39t think Walker was bad or done wrong in any of this Sure he was responsible for many deaths but the whole beginning of the game is the civilians opening fire on them the 33rd opening fire on them The whole game is spent trying to piece together what happened why everyone is going crazy You just end up going off the deep end yourself after a whileKonrad was right no one was there trying to destroy lives they were trying to save them Walker himself states he doesn39t want to hurt anyone yet situation after situation every single scenario things go as bad as they could Most of the start of the game is Delta Force trying to just save their own asses Most of the conflict is from no one communicating to Delta And yes maybe things would be different if Walker followed orders but I39d find it hard myself not to get sucked into that mess after a branch of the army tried killing me or after they tried killing CIA Too much happened in this story for it to just turn around and throw all the blame on one manI love what they did with this story but god every character just seems to not be capable of understanding what their quotenemiesquot are fighting for Or to forgive Or to accept that they aren39t saintsI love this story I hate how the end points the finger at Walker alone Every man in that place can have it pointed at them If the end is Walker accepting he fucked up he left there a better man than mostly any soldier still aliveWalker isn39t a hero in this story but actual men with the power to kill can learn to be heroes that39s what pisses me off at the end How can a saint commit a sin It39s because he is a human being and no matter how humble he is he sometimes loses himself So how can a killer be a hero Sometimes when you realize you earned your ticket to hell and you actually see everything you done you hold yourself lower than normal innocent lives Maybe you don39t have the power to judge someone but you can start to see who is even farther below you on that line you made If you39re to burn why not drag as many who deserve it more than you with you

  • Mr. Shades

    This was the darkest game I have ever seen

  • James Henschel

    Thank you for making this so i didn39t have to finish playing this cringy game

  • John B Kangarlu

    SPOILER ALERT for anyone studying psychology it is interesting to know that Walker suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder Due to his incredible discomfort with himself and his inability to cope with it Walker subconsciously projected this sadistic nature of his onto a new persona Konrad a feat which his main conscious self was completely unaware of This story is incredibly mature and handles the psychological trauma a soldier very well

  • Jackray Flynn

    Only thing i dislike about this game is the FUBAR difficulty Man Lugo and Adams can be real dumbasses on that difficulty lol

  • Spike Spiegel

    This what COD should aspire to be not everyone rip off them

  • Hammer Slammer


  • The Mothling

    2510 quotKeep going downquotThis game take it litteraly

  • King In The North

    your ending was shit bud you pussied out kill yourself

  • I watch ye Sleep

    Better story than last of us

  • Shabazz XCreator

    This game is absolutely fantastic

  • Venom Snake

    It would be funny if their was a bonus ending in the beginning that if you let lugo talk to the insurgents he is able to talk them down and you call in your high command proving that their are survivors

  • Kemonokami

    11203 Ironic that there39s a Buddha statue he taught that attachment led to suffering and look where Walker is now trapped in his own Hell because he couldn39t let himself go from his hero complex

  • EscCtrl

    Wow this game was deep Wish I got to play it

  • Jeremy Noneya

    About 40 seconds into the video Switches from cutscene to playable I started cursing quotWTF Thats not what Im doing oh yeah this is youtubequot

  • RageDrakax

    4126All this is missing is DTrump saying 3939you39re fired3939

  • TheHorreK2

    woahthose are some pretty hard images in this game Never knew shooter can tell such a story i guess i am so used to cliche CoD and Battlefield

  • Dave Smith

    I can39t believe people actually thought this game was good Must be the hipsters who like whatever isn39t popular People like to think soldiers are some PTSD crazed people and those who weren39t fit for the military who are mindset is everything not just in the military but everyday life but the reality is that this game is in no way indicative of actual combat or the psychology behind it It39s just some antiwar nut39s wet dream If you really want to understand warfare talk to a vet or read some of the many books written by veterans on their experiences All quiet on the western front is a classic Then read some military strategy and recognize what a poor representation of real life this game portrays The best way to start there is to read up on some of the many declassified military manuals on the internetThis game has too many contradictions from a poorly formed plot which unfortunately modern people now think means quotdeepquot or quotdarkquot or otherwise sophisticated relative to the other popular genres The very premise of the story is too basic if you take away all the backward storytelling the developers utilized


    2430 quotFall Damage 0quot

  • Mighty

    Thank you I always wanted to find a video that contain all their conversation but minimal game play XD Thank you so much

  • Triston Bell

    I have that game and it39s awesome

  • Gbxrke 7

    was it a choice to use white phos

  • RageDrakax

    11523 Talk about breaking the fourth wallBut he still can39t break taht storm wall though

  • lock out 1

    you can shot him in three

  • Nick Dantzlerward

    Anyone else notice the Yofatdaddyy

  • Angry Toad

    Is there a movie like this If not there should be

  • Felix Lamb

    Just a subtle thing I39ve noticed the wording of the objectives gets more informal and crazed as the game progresses into the madness Starts with things like quotProgress towards Dubaiquot and ends with things like quotRun goddamitquot Just love that subtle parallel element of the game