Trampoline Jump Fails Compilation 2015 [NEW] смотреть видео бесплатно

  • FunnyClix

    Don39t miss new trampoline fails 2016httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvbDmXdDcIgs

  • Kaitlyn Nightflower

    057 that trampoline was already broken Wasn39t a failit was on purpose

  • Baddazzled !

    233 is my fav quotIT DIDNT EVEN HURTquot I hate that stupid kid

  • Cheryl Williams

    How could you language at a baby he must be like theee year old

  • Xxnicole_RxX !

    This kids is what happens when you buy trampolines from the black market

  • Mega Anfisa. tv

    Что смешного им больно

  • Ret Ykena

    Nice Please sub i will sub too

  • Sarah_IRL Grim

    He Just Fall OFFFunny clix

  • Gado Princess Ella

    Paused at 200 then unpaused it

  • Mister- seon123

    When that boy said quotthat didn39t even hurtquot it clearly hurt look at him

  • emma101 marie

    239 I love the kids voice

  • CosmicSins

    U know you39ve got money when you rip your trampoline and u just laugh it off

  • William Schatte

    this is why I have railing on the side39s of mine

  • Stéphanie Sengmany

    050 owwwwwwwwwww dude is your neck broken

  • EasyNeneko

    This Channel Will Kill You

  • Chma 87

    The one where the springs flew off though I39m still laughing

  • Nesinali Pomee

    230 could have gone terribly badLike if you agree andPlz sub to my channel I do crazy stuff

  • Christian Tabing

    The right boy it want to broke the trampoline and he heard some right leg lol naman

  • minecrafter fans Readman

    159 I feel your pain I have done that times

  • pug cakes

    several crappy hoursofourlivesSCHOOL

  • Autumn Mcwilliams

    035 is what happened to me xD

  • Vixy The fox girl

    And also when ur jumping ur trampoline falls over on top of u XD


    010 Thats Happend Becose The Tramp Was Underground And Have Air Pressure

  • Mia Berrisford

    Trampolines without netting scares me

  • Cammo Dude

    435 he says it didn39t hurt but he holds his elbow like it did

  • Henry Dixon

    229 that girl is lucky

  • Matthias lover 36

    155 this is why they invented nets this is why say that trair was no net she would have been hurt

  • Emily Rodriguez

    on 210 it was solo funny cause the girl did a backflip and the trampoline did it too

  • Helena Sedlecká

    who looking in year 2017

  • Isabella Dowding-Young

    I don39t know how I got here

  • Aisha AlHamed

    It is NOT funny guys You are so crazy that even you don39t think and feel So LOW intelligent videos Stop these vidoes

  • Adela Hadzijic

  • kevin sheffield

    That didn39t even heart lol

  • Nele Beukeleirs

    hahahahahyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol AMAZING

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