Trampoline Jump Fails Compilation 2015 [NEW] смотреть видео бесплатно

  • FunnyClix

    Don39t miss new trampoline fails 2016httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvbDmXdDcIgs

  • Lyn Suggs

    104 What the heck is that MattyBRaps

  • Raeann M

    At 154 I can39t stop laughing

  • AcidDemon 13

    238 When you try to act tough in front of your girl

  • TecSationce

    228 and 236 could have ended very worse

  • Brayan Bartolo

    240 no one asked if it hurt or not

  • Matt Pannell

    That Aussie kid 39that didn39t even hurt39 as he holds his arm in pain He39s great should have his own channel where he gets into scrapes And at the end say 39that didn39t even hurt39 as the ambulance carts him away

  • John Wizzly

    XD LOL

  • Olivia O Brien

    156 who who who who that was a fail meWELL NAH

  • -FeatherGamer- -YT-

    145 best trampoline ever i wished i had one of those

  • Tigerlover123 Xxx

    238 quotThat didnt even hurtquot say when I fall off the roofquotThat didnt even hurtquot I say when i fall off the leaning tower of pisaquotThat didnt even hurtquot i say as i fall off the statue of libertyquotThat didnt even hurtquot I say as i fall of the great puramid of gizaquotThat didn39t even hurtquot I say as i fall of the eiffel towerquotThat didn39t even hurtquot I say as i fall off mount everestHope I made you smile


    I39m supposed to be playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my arse


    at 205

  • Natali Ortiz

    no me gust cuando se call el beb pero lo dems s

  • Mary Anna

    this is why we have a net on ours lol

  • christine go

    055 guys with blue shirt is that zuckles

  • Teh squid Gamer274

    153 my favourite

  • Jelly Penguin

    One time when I was little I was on the trampoline when my fat cousin came on and jumped so hard I went through the net hit my head on the fence and landed in a pile of rocks head first I was laughing and crying at the same time I don39t think I39ll ever forget that Oh and the trampoline broke because I went through the net and my cousin broke a hole in the bottom

  • Aditya Kadam

    dat laugh is better than video xD

  • Benjamin Balog


  • Jeremy Combs

    you are stupid for not having a net

  • juni chap

    I was so scared at 2 05 it was so scary

  • Kate O.G.

    wait did he just fall of da roof

  • Dance,Gymnastics And

    How is it funny to get hurt

  • Moree Vaught

    epic failed

  • David Look

    when that kid fell in the tree

  • วิทยา ธรรมดา

  • Alma y Daniela Manresa


  • Marina Nikolova

    Thanks to the extentч mmx че не са

  • Jesus Aguirre

  • CheetoTV

    It39s so satisfying to see springs and the occasional human fly off the trampoline

  • CreativeGoxBp

    136 this Guy looks like human Sans from undertale

  • wanda werner

    I was jumping on a trampoline and then I broke the screen when I went back and then I fell on my back

  • Yosepf Karubaba

  • Marina Cosentino

    l laughed so hard I pee my pants

  • Ruby Lewis

    I laughed my butt off

  • Emmanuel Sholanke

    send Sheffield rvethe cow fix fixing m mung gig if nI gone the did he hip size Small extracosttoyoubyyourdoctorIhavenoitemsto his the dude rules gym 6753 rs us tnx

  • Menna Ghonim

    haha haha haha so funny

  • maxine malmstrom

    017 quotSee you can only do 2 That was 3 actuallyquot He did a back flip and fell through the trampoline