Trampoline Jump Fails Compilation 2015 [NEW] смотреть видео бесплатно

  • FunnyClix

    Don39t miss new trampoline fails 2016httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvbDmXdDcIgs

  • Kaitlyn Nightflower

    057 that trampoline was already broken Wasn39t a failit was on purpose

  • Shuncey Balba

    What he said at 238 that did39nt even hurtinside his mind Aww fu my face hurts so much and also my hand oh it really hurts well that always happen to me when i was 5 so i know the feeling

  • Brayan Bartolo

    240 no one asked if it hurt or not

  • William Schatte

    this is why I have railing on the side39s of mine

  • Camila Gomes


  • Vixy The fox girl

    When ur an adult u do a backflip but fall in a bush XD

  • عبود الشيخ


  • Autumn Mcwilliams

    035 is what happened to me xD

  • Emily Rodriguez

    on 210 it was solo funny cause the girl did a backflip and the trampoline did it too

  • -FeatherGamer- -YT-

    145 best trampoline ever i wished i had one of those

  • Helena Sedlecká

    who looking in year 2017

  • Cammo Dude

    435 he says it didn39t hurt but he holds his elbow like it did

  • Henry Dixon

    229 that girl is lucky

  • kevin sheffield

    That didn39t even heart lol

  • Isabella Dowding-Young

    I don39t know how I got here

  • Baby alive Fun for every one


  • john hyneman

  • Nele Beukeleirs

    hahahahahyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol AMAZING

  • Shannon Bown

    022 dieing of laughter

  • Adela Hadzijic

  • Loubna El biyadi


  • Maskgamer 7777

    205 Now this is what you get for jumping on me

  • Shilpy Rahman

    In the second video where did the man go

  • Ruben Chavez

    quotthat didn39t even hurtquot hes says while holding his elbow in pain and fake laughter turns into sobs

  • meryemnur Hakyemez

    h ayaa die baby wars erg

  • Vixy The fox girl

    And also when ur jumping ur trampoline falls over on top of u XD

  • nataly cano luca


  • Jevanne Plas

    un like pornla nia perro del minuto 154a like for the girldoh in the minute 154

  • Jhon Wizzly

    XD LOL

  • Timmy Fawn


  • Valery Evans

    Did he just jumped on the roof of the house

  • Cameron wynn

    CAN YOU DO 10 more or this plz

  • Shawn Shaw

    we girls do that we want to believe

  • Baby alive Fun for every one

    Most of these trampolines did not have a cover and the ones that did there fail was not that bad