Best Parkour and Freerunning смотреть видео бесплатно

Extreme Parkour and Freerunning — Enjoy the video.
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Song1 : KDREW - Circles (Dubstep)
Song2 : DJ Kestutis - Another Day

In Motion:
AlexandeR RusinoV:
Дата: 2017-01-17 17:58:53

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    Check out Parkour and Freerunning 2016httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvRx183KzTjTA

  • Rhiannah Lawrenson

    Why do they all wear baggy pants

  • jack ranger 100

    my nephew died of doing parkour he slipped of a 123 meter building it was sad he is a shooting star now

  • YARA ClaN


  • Ausie5902

    Why do parkourists always wear baggy pants

  • Mitchel Tomlinson

    Hav u ever failed or is that first time try

  • ORC_squad Plays

    This would be useful for getting away from cops

  • Jack Sparrow

    I can do that in my dreams

  • JULIAN Santos

    I think this is not real and the music on this video is cool

  • Rossil Bismanos

    what is of the song is this

  • Abigail F

    do a warewolf vs vampire pardoy like if you agree

  • Ronald Mercado

    cool i like how you do that

  • Daemien Hubbard

    I do this for a living it is dangerouis I39ve been to the hospital 15 times broke a leg 2 times but when you get the hang of it its simple

  • Austin

    imagaine a game of tag with these people OMG

  • Ac2gaming

    This is ommy I might start training see how the cops deal

  • Shafay Ishtiaque

    started watching parkour after watching Ryan Higa39s parkourse series

  • Nate Sam

    They39re baggy pants make them fly

  • Athina 26504

    Look at 349 Where is he holding


    Roses are redViolets are blueThe beat drop was legendaryI know you think the same too

  • Kevin Vlogs

    I do parkour to awesome huh

  • Md Noor hossain

    beacause they do parkour and its so sick

  • TwizzliTV

    why park our in such baggy pants

  • Arul Killi

    That is impossible I think you have edited it because no one can do that in England as in jumping over buildings

  • James McKibbin

    151 Hardcore Saitama

  • Dolphin Channel

    madre mia willy son spiderman gggg

  • Andreas Letzelter

    knnen das auch Frauen oder Mdchen machen

  • Madi Rocks

    Some day these people will die of blood loss if the fall and split their heads open

  • Crystal Robison

    a swat team would not be able to catch them

  • Veronica Jankowski

    you guys are so awesome at parkour

  • Su Jin Lee

    u guys make it look so easy

  • Jose angel Delgado

    esta chido el parkour

  • SeaTrainGames

    Why do they buy loose pants

  • Experment 626

    Why do you guys wear baggy pants

  • Rad Parkour

    wow how is this possible no not the parkour but the veiws 104010124 views and 628330 subs piediepie has more than 403900039000 subs and 13900039000 veiws

  • liza lonardo

    can you come to my brithday to do those tricks my name is Christian this is my dads number this is my dad39s num 978829540o

  • Axel Rojas andred Bustamante

    Music 032 Plisss

  • Sue Meyer

    do one with I am the one song

  • Kiara Ealey

    those tricks r so awesome I wish I could do it

  • chloe kelly

    thats a dangerous parkour

  • Linda Meadows

    I don39t believe how yoll do that

  • Dirk Simons- Brachter

    Dfndsffsezs cczswwwwwwwwwqqqggvgzxvvnmlpoiytewwaaaazzzxxzxxxxxzxxddscxxxzasszzx

  • Jen Dicken

    stupid baggy pants its stupid

  • bruno

    What39s up with the baggy pants Are you supossed to wear them or is it just a fashion thing