Deus Ex: Gunther Vs Paul - A Deus Ex FanFilm (Animation) смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-02-26 15:20:53

  • thegreatcarraway

    He was never the same after the orange soda incident

  • Omega Dan

    Excellent video showing an alternate version of this scene in the game You need to start a Kickstarter campaign and get funding to make a web series based on the original game

  • DGneoseeker1

    Meanwhile in my game JC opened up the closet with the computer in it stood in it closed the door and waited for Paul to wipe out the entire army of MIBs and soldiers who ran inIt worked

  • Damian Rice

    what a shame what a rotten way to post this vid on an asstrotomic channel

  • 7mario6

    I vanted ohrange It gave me lemonlime

  • Deadalus Icarus

    2016 Original Deus Ex still better than other DX games

  • M Mirlas

    This art style and team weirdly long limbs perfect Deus Ex adaptation

  • Zakku

    Probably spoiled the hell out of it for me but this made me want to play Deus Ex Can someone tell me the name of the soundtrack

  • Zepher Tensho

    The hell is wrong with their arms

  • Jason Armstrong

    this is what i imagine it would look like if blade runner and the matrix had a baby

  • Insidious One

    102 Paul is a cutie lt3

  • Nate Gartrell

    He would have killed Paul

  • paul varus


  • 7mario6

    If the EMP grenade worked like a real EMP then Gunther39s augs would39ve caught fire

  • M Mirlas

    112 cool alternate ending

  • Alcaste

    Guess I39m reinstalling Deus Ex

  • Mike Mann

    Please make DX shorts

  • HASEnoncorperated

    He39s pretty good at fighting for a GEP gun

  • nikushim666

    One problem Gunther was never involved on the raid of Paul39s apartment It was just MIB agents

  • Marks

    Whats with the long arms

  • Beeerd

    he wanted orange not lemon lime

  • A Creative Mess

    It needs a Kickstarter

  • Dimitrios Corvinos

    I smell a kickstarter campaign Yes a full length Deus Ex film

  • Cydrag YT

    Gunther Deus Ex Batou Ghost in the Shell

  • JooseMunkee

    why did paul throw him out the window

  • Zaqq

    Awesome film Really amazing for a fanmade thing

  • angelfan16


  • Radioactive Killer

    Has a Ghost in the Shell feel

  • Darth Nihilus

    the voices are bad EE is ok

  • Paolo Izzo

    One of the best animation I39ve ever seen

  • Mr. Mojo Risin'

    Is there a fear of long arms Because I think this just caused me to have a phobia of long arms

  • llucllumador

    nice vid fuck this channel

  • Sp0k3

    What is the name of the first music

  • NorieagaHDR

    Why am I just seeing this now Incredible

  • Swain Bjornstrandt

    reminds me of Ghost in the shell

  • Amonlith

    I like it and it does gives a feel of GITS should be much more popular but I think all the characters have a little too long limbs and it makes it a little odd on the eye s

  • PonzooonTheGreat

    I killed all of the troops with a GEP rocket down the hallway but Paul still died according to the story

  • Raul Tremere

    A Gunther39s punch would kill anyone instantly

  • TheBurning1981

    Incredible Three of my favorite Deus Ex characters in this 1 JC Denton 2 Paul Denton 3 Gunther

  • Imbacore

    Machinima Who made this And if it39s his third and quotDeus Ex Trouble at the 39Ton A Deus Ex FanFilmquot is the other one that still leaves one more DX fan film by this dude What39s the title of the other one I39d like to know

  • TheCrowbar474

    Of all the fan films I watched this one is the most well made

  • Kz3andMore

    There has been an ID match on this video Rusty metal skull gun and lemon lime augmentations have filed a copyright complain for this video

  • Showdax

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Paul Interesting drawing style and well done story and good action filled animation Cheers

  • Deus Dex

    If you fight your way out out the front door in the game Paul survivesGo out the window like a pussy and Paul dies

  • Turtleproof

    Machinima would be really cool if it paid the artists and didn39t steal their work

  • Sage2000

    Overal great stuff Nice augmented feel the poor soldiers had no chanceJust the movements of regular people walking ie the guy in the bathroon could be improved

  • Aiden Crawford

    God the models for the people are fucking terrifying those huge arms and weird spread out legs Eugh

  • AlbertoBC7

    I love every bit of it The animation the voice acting the effectsPD I saved Paul and the firefight at the 39Ton was really exciting

  • Where Puppers Go to Die

    It would be awesome if the next game has robust hand to hand combat system like this

  • HeilAmarth

    Someone needs to do this kind of animation of the Thief II final mission discussion between Garret and Karras

  • MrBigiboss

    Is like the manga Ghost in the shell

  • jaydubyuel

    Well done overall but why does Paul sock JC before Gunther and UNATCO kick down the door

  • JC Denton

    Only one may happen when somebody breaks Gunther39s metal skull gun

  • TheNordawg

    Just throw grenades at the appartment door as it blows open andhide in the closet while paul wins the fightOptionaly kill one of the agents with poisen so it drops the assault shotgun early in the game

  • Kitsune Snow

    My deepest respects thats legen Wait for it Dary

  • marvincontendo

    Did you use 3D Toon Shader for this or was it all hand drawn

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  • gskaloyan

    Can we please have some more of this from this team I wanna see all of DE1 animated like this This is great

  • 1300l

    My youtube is augmented

  • eastwing329

    I like this It may be a fan film but it shows that even a thug like Gunther had a sense of honor and duty He would have taken Paul in Also great animation

  • Jeremiah Walston

    that brings me back to the good ole days of deus ex 1 D

  • superbleeder98

    Holy shit balls This is incredible

  • lolusuck386

    This makes me realize how awesome a Deus Ex movietv show could be

  • Mropticalgreen

    JC always had a little conversation before a boss fight