DC Universe Online - Full Opening Game Cinematic смотреть видео бесплатно

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This is a walkthrough video for the Jam Packed Super Powered MMORPG DC Universe online!
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Дата: 2017-06-26 08:12:35

  • BlackWingedSeraph

    Yeah they nerfed Superman Sun dipped wouldn39t go down to Kryptonite that easily

  • GuitarWholesale

    Excellent timing for killing Superman just 1 second before shit hit the fan

  • David Velez

    Where the fuck is Martian Manhunter and aquaman and the flash is faster then the speed of light wtf

  • CamoCop25

    They should39ve made flash way faster

  • CracX

    352 idiot shazam uahshhaha its superman

  • BlackWingedSeraph

    So much wrong Flash is faster than they show sun dipped Superman isn39t that affected by kryptonite Wonder Woman would DEMOLISH Lex She39s like a Kryptonian WITHOUT a weakness Black Adam was a bit op til he died lol

  • Dragonborn795

    what was superman doing in space

  • GooGe

    Это лучшее что я видел

  • MrJ

    So what are Batmans so called quotPoewrsquot

  • Black Paradox Entertainment

    Jesus Christ Black Adam got fucking REKT

  • Abandoned Styles1997

    pretty badass cg opening for the game and this for some reason reminds of injustice

  • Megavic.id

    superman is so OP here he39s faster than flash his Laser kills FREAKING ADAM ADAM39S attacks are like a child hitting on him

  • Berial M

    Nice comic adaption

  • ika ikako

    I liked how latern punched giganta

  • Sheketo Shentazu

    Flash didn39t do nothing Not to mention he hella slow

  • Michael Song

    It39s hard to believe Wonderwoman would lose against the likes of Lex Luthor I mean this chick is almost as strongfast as Superman but with none of the weaknesses

  • Mr. Ishmael

    My boy got punked out

  • Matt & Cheese

    This trailer is so sick i love it

  • Jonny Abrego

    If you could kill black adamWhy spare luthor after saying he dosen39t deserve to live

  • Srihari Pillai

    Once again if Flash and Superman weren39t nerfed ridiculously they could have saved the day

  • ignacio valdez

    350 it was at this moment that he knew he fucked up

  • ultimatesol

    why superman become a bad guy in last few years

  • thesynergy2

    Wonder Woman losing to any of those few is hilarious

  • Jared Burgess

    So I always thought that Black Adam caused that explosion but this is what actually happened quotAdam uses his Word of Power to call down magical lightning just as Hal Jordan musters the willpower in his Power Ring and Barry Allen opens himself to the Speed Force The resulting explosion as the three cosmic powers collide breaches Luthor39s shield kills Harley Quinn and Circe disintegrates Hal Jordan and Barry Allen and devastates what remains of the battlefieldquot It was more or less 3 unstoppable forces crashing into each other Of the direct victims of the event only Black Adam survived

  • BrandonA RealNigga

    Did anybody notice lex killed supes with the same kind of spear batman had in BvS lol

  • Kay Nicholas

    Come on flash is faster than that

  • Quy Quynh Dao

    sam nhan the gian luon

  • Mike Tyson

    I don39t know if lex luthor is evil or not in some his good but in other moment is evil and destroyer

  • I Eat Crayons

    How the fuck did they nerfed flashes speed

  • NATSU {sasuke} DRAGNEEL

    the game isn39t to badBUT its not the best game


    Somebody39s gotta cut out 041 052

  • Zeng Vuh

    Overpowered heroes are boring If it was up to some of you whiners Flash and Supes would never lose You don39t know how to write an interesting story Deal with it

  • sushant gaikwad

    I like the game but it39s nothing near the story and graphics of mortal kombat x

  • Tommy von Muttonfudge

    quotYou don39t deserve to livequot Uh ohSuperman deals in absolutesConfirmed Superman is Sith

  • walmartpimp2

    It would have been cool if Superman referred to Lex as a quotDiseased maniacquot

  • Allie Bee

    Okay I hate the OP methods DC tends to have but really Some of these characters should39ve been way stronger and faster wtf Like did Batman really get his ass caught and beat like that Superman really Flash at least yo

  • Long Phung

    Flash slower than usain bolt

  • wellplayedninjas

    lol the way he was like quot ME LEX LUTHOORRquot

  • Ceridwen Aeradwr

    Holy shit I just realised that Lex Luthor is voiced by James Marsters Spike from Buffy The Vampire SlayerThat doesn39t work in my head

  • money mckenzie

    Imagine a game of chess against AI or Braniac and these as Earth39s characters1 Green Arrow2 Poison Ivy3 Giganta4 Metallo5 Harley Quinn6 Green Lantern7 Flash8 CirceR1 Black AdamK1 DeathstrokeB1 JokerQ Wonder WomanK SupermanB2 Lex LuthorK2 BatmanR2 CyborgAll go down

  • jdawg alexander

    love this trailer but superman looks like he has down syndrome and he should have punted lex Luther across the galaxy

  • Ironically Unironic

    I wish Marvel or DC ever made a full CGI animation with graphics like this or better with a good plot and lots of action Sucks we only get to see bits of such content in trailers or a few second cutscenes in video games

  • Tony Redgrave


  • Sanic

    I think it39s dumb that Batman Cyborg Lantern and Flash getting nuked didn39t stop Superman from fapping in front of the sun but Wonder Woman screaming made him come back

  • Benedek Szabó

    How does Superman shave

  • paperbackwriter1111

    Well Wonder Woman got the shit nerfed outta her

  • Pink Del Rey

    I dont like see superheroes dyeing but this is awesome and beautiful

  • Noah Potter Grimes

    Womder Woman39s scream gave me chills oo

  • jleem21

    As soon as Superman appeared at the scene did he yell out quotBatmanquot

  • Hollywood Music Video

    Why flash is now Barry Alleni miss the old Wally West where are ualso with the greenlantern and hawk girlwhere39s Jhon Stewart and Shayera Holwhy did they replace

  • Brian C.

    MehReally grimYou telling me that even in the darkest times and heaviest battleFlash has nothing witty to say Meh

  • Manny Weapons

    what superman SAY batman or bad man

  • นัด กับนัด

    the Giant Woman 044 min is she Ginormiga in monster vs Alien

  • Max Riot

    Damn they made batman look pretty useless

  • Black Trickster

    justice league are dead at that time

  • Dyllan Chandler

    Why wasn39t this ever made

  • r

    Flash was fast enough to get there before Black Adam used his attack Green Lantern should not have gone down like that WW should have beat Deathstroke39s ass quicker and Superman should have whooped everyone39s ass and not brought down so easily with kryptonite given his history of beating people who used it on him Unless he was stabbed with it from the start or shot with it that should not have happened

  • Nigger Fagot

    The flash is not that slow he can break time just by running

  • Buu The Djinn

    where39s Freddy Krueger when you need him in the DC universe Even injustice Superman would be horrified off his ass

  • jeanelle smith

    every Super hero is dead but not for one

  • Max Riot

    liked how deathstroke made wonder woman his bitch

  • Nadlin Riche

    the flash supermanand wonder woman were super under powered in this but i guess they had to or else the whole thing would be done in 5 seconds