Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Teaser 2 смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Carvi8

    Oh my you were so wrong D

  • Darkchriz

    Man after watching this teaser i finally get the significance of the flying icarusit39s pretty much him losing his soul after being augmentedthe whole deus ex games have a common theme of whats being human vs machinesick game

  • SturFryIsGo0d

    Hung Hua Hotel music in the game soundtrack

  • ThanatosPLz

    Anyone knowsk the name of the song at 129

  • KeiToEverything

    ursusplacidus I believe the TV Trope The Devs Thought of Everything applies heavily to this game

  • Greg Wasdyke


  • John M IV


  • Greg Wasdyke


  • Facelord

    faismasterx FAISMASTER I AM KNOWN AS FACELORD ON THE INTERNETFelt I should let that be known Anyways I just beat the beta version of this game and I think it39s better than the original It39s definitely the best game that will release this year with only Arkham City really competing for the title in my eyes I could argue that it39s the best game I39ve ever played as well

  • Raygen

    DoctorWeeTodd Oh man the nostalgia I guess Gunther Hermann never got over it

  • 4ingP

    faismasterx Unless they39re those weird people who get off on watching their wife get fucked

  • Mind Over Manter

    xxCrazySmooth but that39ll make you lots of friends too

  • faismasterx

    If you wanna make enemies fuck somebody39s wife

  • EncroachingDarkness

    JacksonXxXWaWa you clearly didn39t get the joke

  • DeadVenom01

    TigerRifle1 Maybe they will at some point or maybe it will be a dlc mission i certainley hope so cuz im still a bit sketchy about some things that happened in DX 1

  • Max Kyuuketsuki

    His voice sounds like batmans in the dark knight and batman begins

  • Jacek Skupiewski

    DoctorWeeTodd pathetic

  • MrDammed1

    DoctorWeeTodd omg epic comment you deserve 2 cookies instead of one good work

  • Artur M.

    Rembrandt39s Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp is hanging on his wall in background from 124 to 126 No wonder that poor guy has nightmares Seriously I don39t know about the game since it39s not finished yet and I haven39t played previous parts but this trailer is a piece of visual art I love how detailed it is

  • mjshikeli

    TheCosmicGypsies What new can they add to the game Two first games explore politics religion philosophy sociology amp human consciousness What new can they add to weapons or equipment

  • TheCosmicGypsies

    quikgamer This game How can you say so its not even released yet The original deus ex is still one of the best games ever made

  • m00n

    DoctorWeeTodd I applaud you sir

  • Bucket

    RichieLivingston winfucking win

  • IncrediKAD76

    Good job EIDOS MONTREAL Now get THIEF 4 out

  • ZombieMurdock667

    I suddenly want to chop off my arms

  • radscorpion8

    Best teaser ever made

  • doug mac

    what is so obscene about this trailer that its being flagged as mature wtfgood trailer btw D

  • ImperatorZor

    quotI go through a LOT of Shotglassesquot

  • tsodeon93

    1st Deus Ex Best Game Ever

  • Random Garreh

    DoctorWeeTodd D I bet only half the people commenting on this video get that

  • mikeskrib510

    man deus ex I havent played one deus ex that was as good as the first one I hope this one takes it back to that first game its looking promising and graphics are sick

  • Ivan Grozni

    His vision is augmented

  • rajlle

    Check out goggles1112 channel for a epic Deus ex walkthrough

  • TheExprima

    I39m sick of these shitty Samsung ads

  • Patho Gen

    mrburnstick Its called Michael McCann Icarus

  • Patho Gen

    abrakadabragiligili The sond is called Michael McCann Icarus

  • Ishan

    DID ANYONE NOTICE The soundtrack playing between 102 and 126 Its awesome I wonder when are they gonna release it too

  • Nelson Mandela

    looks like a michael jackson

  • ZauXz

    0Angel0A A conspiracy I tell you

  • borgoff55

    He39s like a cross between clint eastwood and solid snake

  • 0Angel0A

    Oh dear five people could not find the like button

  • jurisnake8

    the best way to make this game good is not call it Deus Ex

  • MrLemonyFresh

    Cool a digitally 3d enactment of dr tulps anatomy class OI wish I had dreams that interesting

  • sewagedweller

    RichieLivingston serves as eye protection not to mention his skull is artificial if you havent noticed

  • Kazou Korimaru

    What the name of the song played in the trailer anyone

  • Empowerless

    DoctorWeeTodd Or change from awesome and memorable game to a steaming mainstream pile of shit it means bad

  • Salad Spinner

    onimano Everyone kows by now that it is first person

  • Vilkku

    Discreetarcher3 Where is some gameplay

  • ThxSwitch

    Holy shit the quality oh my god

  • TammoKorsai

    TigerRifle1 Maybe but it could also be that they don39t have any good game play bit polished enough to show yet

  • TammoKorsai

    Essefen Keep in mind that Deus Ex 1 didn39t have even a fraction of today39s graphics so they39d be fools not to take advantage of the new technology But I do agree it does look a bit futuristic in comparison to DX1

  • DoctorWeeTodd

    If you wanna make enemies try to change their orange soda to lemon lime

  • Luiz Henrique

    Quero comprar esse jogo e no encontroO

  • zuschlag123

    This trailer and the E3 trailer are the best trailers evah made fucking love this soundtrack and cant wait for this game

  • DanDx

    Biopunked Of course he will just look at his hairhe just needs sunglasses

  • Biopunked

    Spyker619 Nah Peter will never be that cool p

  • DanDx

    Biopunked Oh Ty xP I always kinda new it was related to God and I was portuguese and Deus means God in portuguese so I always wondered if it was related guess it isBTW this game still looks like the main character is Peter from the beginning of season 3 of heroes D

  • Biopunked

    Spyker619 Its from Deus Ex Machina or Apo mechanis theos the original greekLiterally God from the machineit was originally used in ancient greek theatreand then Roman as the actor who portrayed the god was levitated or moved about the stage via a pulley machineIn literature its used to describe a plot device that helps andor moves a story out of the blue as if its a divine giftI believe they refer both to that and transhumanismelevate to a God state

  • Biopunked

    acebunny17 Somebody with sense after allI mean I knowI am excited and with great expectations too look at my nameits this genre of scifibut we39ll have to wait and see

  • Mysio

    WoWbob396 he has metal penis

  • Fuzunga

    JugHead0 It was composed by Michael McCann specifically for the trailer He39s scoring the game Doesn39t have a name as far as I know You can download the track from the full length trailer on his website Since I can39t seem to post links just google his name It39s the second link

  • WoWbob396

    dude it probably hurts to jerk off with metal hands

  • DarkGaz52

    briani4735263 Lick around divine debris Taste the wealth of hate in me Shedding skin succumb defeat This machine is obsolete

  • norq

    wonggfan and u39re right specs for pc was mad it was something bout the game engine as for it timesand still though you wrote imo it was better than anything along with planescape torment fallout2 and system shock hope it wont be another legend killed for money

  • norq

    wonggfan hope t will be more than 20h of story ME2 was disappointment compared to announcementsi really liked the complexity of 1st Deus Ex development system and the atmosphere in the gameu39re right teaser shows something between blade runner and ghost but still it wont be problem unless it will be made like fallout 3another game i was waiting for and when it showed up it was disappointment boredom old i could play dozens of times new one only oncebut still i hope

  • norq

    damn i miss Deus Ex it was better than anything

  • Liam Newb

    Discreetarcher3 sooo true hopefully thou this one will be slightly better then 2