Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment and its results смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Rami7605

    what kind of meth head get tattoos in his eyes first place

  • Kato x

    did she say 30 grands as in 30000 unless thats in vietamese curency thats impossibe

  • SolasRuinedMyLife

    I think quotstewartquot is actually jack sparrow just saying

  • Ben J

    30 FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS PER TATTOO On Dr Tatoff I saw a tattoo artist remove like 10 tattoos wtf

  • Aliquando Insanire Iucundum

    Why would you wear a stethoscope 412 while removing a tattoo from a woman39s chest The doc maybe has too many adult movies in his past

  • AlexDragonMagic

    What a retard Who gets a tattoo on their eye Smh

  • DaBesFish

    tf the results are barely different lol

  • Paula Szczepanski

    holy crap the woman that is interviewing this man with a tattoo on his eyelid it looks like she has had extreme plastic surgery

  • Angelo Stevens

    What39s wrong with the woman39s face doing the interviews Looks like it was half melted off by a laser

  • Josie Elder

    Why isn39t that Doctor wearing gloves

  • REVoNixAdamUS

    it was like a porn start with the Grandpa

  • Albert Ramsay

    I think a botched face lift looks worse than a bad tattoo

  • Olivia Owens

    that is just soo stupid why would they shoot his eyes

  • Fanny Tant

    tattoos only over my dead bodayy

  • Caroline Capadosa

    The lady39s commenting on other people39s tattoo and I just can39t figure out if she39s got a mask on she looks so fake with those surgeries

  • joe smythe

    If your looking for an all natural tattoo removal solution that works with no scarring click my avitar

  • Driven_Mx5

    wowhow much plastic is in tht girl39s facethe host

  • Mauri Cobian

    627 wtf is that thing

  • jessica Garcia

    why don39t they just use numbing cream to ease the pain

  • kevin le

    The lady reporter name Katie Piper She was a gorgeous woman until her ex boyfriend and his friend thrown acid on her face and blind one of her eye her face now is the best the doctors had done for her Please Google before making mean comments

  • Akira Talk Show

    Is anyone else curious as in why the lady at 0820 why she looks like that like damn injections plastic surgery

  • Wolfcchi

    And the lesson here is know what you want to get before you get it or don39t get it at all

  • Shyam

    Fuck paying three grand on the removal I39d go quotGladiatorquot on that fucker with a sharp rock

  • Actingskint

    Tattooed your eye why the fuck would you do that

  • Parveen Rawat


  • bmonoire

    the host needs some altering work herself

  • Grey Ghost 615

    Simply knowing the expensivedifficult and unreliable process of tattoo removals makes me want one much less not that I ever wanted one to begin with

  • Jonathan Alexander

    I couldn39t be her get tattoos removed

  • black puddin

    just cover it up with some tattoo makeup

  • Narek Avedyan

    Think before you ink ya bunch of turds

  • Oliver Melo

    quotAnd the tattoo is fading offquot looks like his hair is also in the hype train D

  • elleladyelle

    the first laser practicioner is a pig he don39t wear glowes during the treatment procedure

  • amber holmes

    Why would you get a tattoo on your eye

  • frankie freddie

    keep away from this video

  • G_Lxl P

    The reporter had facial reconstruction because her ex boyfriend threw acid at her face

  • octaviadrakeXNK

    I never knew tattoos could easily be removed without the pain and expense of laser removalgtgtgtgtgt httpswwwfacebookcomTattooremoval754759467957018skapp190322544333196dfyufn6g gtgtgtgtgt

  • Jason Pham

    The bit with grandpa WTF

  • JD BlackFox

    bad machine setting too high

  • Jayson D. L

    Born stap Is that some kind of slang

  • Brittany Stewart

    yeah the host has a messed up grill

  • Galaxy. Shadows

    I think he may have liked stars

  • dreaded360

    jesus that blonde girls hair

  • guslb12

    I wonder what39s more painful Laser hair removal or this

  • RevenantEverest

    What39s annoying is the wording and perspective on tattoos It really seems to push the idea that tattoos are disgusting and ugly and for a lot of people that39s not the case

  • Kat Skogs

    And now I39m absolutely terrified to ever get a tattoo

  • Lone Wolf Full Albums™

    I just got told my 30 tattoo will cost 600 to remove god dammit

  • Marie jayyslyfee

    ouch the eye tattoo made me feel some type of way

  • infidel dan

    thats why when i get tattoos i make sure i want it the one rule i have is no names people change things change etc

  • el racken Soriano y cortado

    rino plastic jajaj ho mi good

  • Oriel Gibesh

    just dont do tattos in first place

  • Micheal Highsmith

    how much does it coast

  • Rawryful

    I can see how short the blonde girls hair is

  • Strictly Beatdown

    Pretty much under the impression you cannot treat anywhere within the eye socket

  • Alvaro Parra

    woman needs a lip removal

  • Steven Fisher

    its not 30 grand per tattoo to remove do you research some tattoos are a few thousand but not much more then that for large work

  • expert20valvehlx

    The reporter should remove all silicone from her face sell it and feed the kids in Africa

  • Lisa Murphy

    Forget the tattoos What39s with the fake nose of the woman doing the interviewing She39s got a Michael Jackson nose

  • Reigns Games

    you can use this laser or very very very very hot water so dont do tattos in first place

  • Derek Li

    Lil wayne would never do this

  • Russell Lumawon

    wtf happened to the face of the interviewer

  • JD BlackFox

    disgusting how expensive the sessions are and no the machines are not very expensive

  • Lady General

    Jesus what type of woman is this host She look like a ceramic doll

  • VinnieJF

    is that actually johnny depp

  • rkdivyalal

    The interviewer does she had a bad plastic surgery

  • leamira joy

    She have in her nose tattoo it39s littlle