Is the Nintendo Switch powerful? Does it need to be? смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Keven Harvey

    To me third party support boils down to two thingHow hard is it to develop for Relative performance to other consoles affects thisAnd how many copies they expect to sellIt39s all about return on investment

  • MacTX

    No doubt the Switch will be more powerful than any tablet currently on the market now The problem with saying the Switch will be more powerful than a tablet is that tablets iterate faster than the Switch will especially when it comes to iPads Apple39s custom SoC often times beat Nvidia Tegra offerings

  • MacTX

    Wii also didn39t have the smartphone to compete with It was a product released at the right time The PS3 was 500 without a game and hard to program for The Xbox 360 was 300 without a game The Wii was 250 with Wii Sports Smartphones and tablets didn39t exist thenFast Forward to 2017 You have a strong and competitive Sony and Microsoft which is slated to release Project Scorpio soon and smartphones and tablets have taken over It39s a whole different world not in Nintendo39s favorI also think Nintendo will make the stupid mistake of artificially restricting stock again like they did with Wii rare amiibo and NES classic