Star Wars: The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer - E3 2010 смотреть видео бесплатно

Get your first glimpse of the upcoming MMO set in the iconic Star Wars franchise with this cinematic trailer! The Old Republic releases on 12.20.11, so watch this trailer and prepare yourself for battle!

Star Wars: The Old Republic - First Cinematic Trailer

Our review in progress is happening right now! Read our impressions of how the game is evolving as we level up:

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Дата: 2017-01-25 00:18:33

  • supercoolguy43

    Should have just funded these guys to make an animated Star Wars movie

  • iare19

    Have superior position in the beginning to kill all enemies instead jump down to fight them 1on1 lol

  • Jet Fire

    EA should make a battlefront DLC or one of the subsequent sequels based in this time period It would be so epic Its like the best of both the prequels clone troopers and the originals storm troopers battling it out

  • Rory Russell

    basketball how rid baseball identity

  • lonelycyclist

    I cannot see why they make these fantastic cinematic trailers when the game is nowhere near this good

  • Sean Kim

    Awesome trailer but that grenade is fricking worthless LOL That explosion should39ve killed them both or atleast have blown the troopers arm off

  • NikoBellic2263

    Has a heavy weapon Tries to killDarth Malgus with a knife

  • Adrian Jerlikov

    these were suppose to be high quality graphic cinematics in 2010 but now in 2016 those are the actual graphics D

  • Sara Pedersen

    Tax settlement permission plain home farm hundred

  • William Fourie

    this is still a epic trailer

  • BeardedButtCrack

    Open new tabSearch War Pigs Black SabbathStart the song when this video is a 0007Enjoy

  • Alex M

    That voiceover must be Sarevok

  • Rumac Aznable

    he has high ground Let39s just stay up here and shootNOPE LETS JUST JUMP DOWN AND ENGAGE SITH LORDS IN MELEE

  • DJL4300

    Trailer WHAT ANIMATION SO EPICGame Uhm is this the game

  • Galen Marek

    Old Republic Movie gtgtgtgt Episode 7Just give us a Trilogy 1st film deals with Revan39s story from the first KOTOR get everything right especially the twist 2nd film is a prequel deals with the Mando war and Revan39s fall 3rd film deals resolve everything Leave sth open I even thought of Revan39s name during his time as the trooper could be quotSkywalkerquot so he would be the descendants of Anakin

  • Koen Slinkman

    Anyone else felt sorry for that guy No Hmm i did Wait Anyone else find that girl hot Yes Okay

  • chucky greeny

    Plz Disney DNT make the upcoming Star Wars movies too kid friendly like making it cheesy and having characters like c3p0 and jar jar heck I wish they follow the swtor line with darth Malgusraven and the time he Sith rule the galaxy dang wouldn39t mind making the Jedisith with badass even if they have to make them over powered and giving the Sith Lords planet crushing force powers lol and 4k would be nice to not 35mm film plz

  • Derek Bates

    Too bad jedi forbid intimate relations because that jedi is FINE

  • Demitrium

    I just want to point out that she just blasted a seven foot tall three hundred pound man who survived a rocket and thermal grenade to the face through I repeat THROUGH a mountain

  • Edward Nigma

    Now hang on a minute there cowboyYou39re telling me there were loads of Siths in one place and NONE of them could sense the trap or even disturbance in the force

  • bryan alvarez

    how come this jedi are better than the new ones

  • LakituLP

    Still a shitty game Come on make instead Star Wars Republic Commando 2


    at 338 she just broke star wars phyics by blocking a lightsaber with her hand

  • Austin Dawson

    Y o u39 re N e a t pinch woman What do you thinn

  • Observer29830

    This trailer39s so silly xD Like it starts off with guys ambushing a column of enemy forces that marches through a valley Instead of staying on that ridge where they have cover and line of fire they JUMP DOWN and CHAAAAAARRRGE INTO BATTLE So stylishSo they fight in the canyon And then the BIG BAD SITH arrives After trying to get him with antitank missiles I only assume this because one exploded into his face and didn39t do much damage so maybe it was made for other purposes our commander Shepard makes the only logical thing that can be done in the situationCHAAAAARRRRGEYes he thinks he can defeat a sith armed with a lightsaber while using only an army knife Unfortunately this gem of a strategic maneuver does not quite work outOh and then that moment where a grenade exploding in his hand does not even break itWhat is more silly is to read the myriads of comments like quotThese guys should make a movie11quotBecause as we know poorlythoughtout but flashy visuals always sell

  • Nightmare43009

    JJ Abrams better take fucking notes on this

  • Ricardo B.

    Get 7 days free sub and other free stuff on TORhttpwwwswtorcomryTvq3K

  • VK Plague

    If only the graphics were this good and the game played more like a FPS

  • SpyzacFilms

    These are the coolest looking republic troopers I39ve seen guess what kind of suit i39m making now D

  • Allan Mariscal

    the trailer be like O0 and then the actual game be like

  • BlurStar 715

    tell that the music on 505

  • Maurice McDonald

    Hopefully you play as the girl That army guy would have died about five times already had she not been there

  • nukeboy14

    Ah the disappointment when I saw the title at the end and found out that this was not infact Star Wars Battlefront 3

  • Gra'Dash

    what is her name who catched lightsaber

  • Mentic

    If only games were like their trailers

  • iZprodigy

    dont wanna sound dumb but is old republic before or after vader

  • Jack Davison

    I wish they made this a single player rpg

  • Robert 96

    why did they make the good guys look so much like the clones

  • mudkipzuzu

    did anyone else get goosebumps at 111 So badass

  • borgtennis

    Epic Can39t see why anyone would give it a thumb down J J Abrams I39m sure you are familiar with the video Behold this is what we want Anything short won39t do

  • Diego Gutierrez

    That trooper the leader of course I forgot his name was most definitely force sensitive He charged toward the enemy and with his strength set aside two fucking dark Sith to get at Malgus Very impressive A non force sensitive being wouldn39t do the same

  • Quincy Lenting

    Are the troopers clones or just humans and aliens I never realy got it

  • Vendetta

    Trailer vs gameplay

  • Daniel Kemper

    500 Aberrant Titan Spotted Change Course Survey Corps

  • Cara Delevingne (HANREVENGE)

    The old republic is represent Before Christ

  • Spar10Leonidas

    Now the lightsaber combat we see here is much better than what we saw in the prequels I still prefer the OT combat because it just felt more believable kind of like a real sword fight and you felt more emotion between the characters but this at least feels more reserved compared to the prequels It doesn39t feel too much like they39re just putting on a show for the audience

  • Developer Springer

    415 is the ultimate hado yu ken

  • Jay W

    Not really sure what his plan was at 147 doesn39t matter how tank you are you don39t wanna charge a Sith wielding a lightsaber head on while armed with nothing but a knife

  • Liberty Prime

    The Old Republic The Elder Scrolls NerdGasm

  • NubPS3

    Who are those clone looking guys anyway

  • OmegaBlack2609

    I don39t fully understand the story line from this animation Was this before or after the Clone Wars because there appear to be clone troopers but they39re on Alderaan

  • Jack Heeber

    Lame the clones are gentically modified to take orders there would never be clone insurgents

  • Marcuz Ezra

    how did malcolm survive a grenade blast at point blank range

  • Esteban Mata Vargas

    When that stormtrooper detonates the grenade in the face of the Sith lord he becomes oficially the most manly character of the entire Star Wars saga

  • ncrvako

    what is the name of the soundrack

  • JediGamerX

    Okay here39s an idea for a new Star Wars gameIt39s about Revan during the Old Republic Revan is trying to live his days in peace until a new villainous character frames him as a criminal to BOTH the Sith and Republic so Revan has a huge bounty on his head Revan is trying to get revenge on the guy who framed him so he recruits ALL of the companions he had during quotKnights of the Old Republicquot and uses the Dark and Light side of the Force to help him But during all of this Revan begins seeing visions of Darth Vader and Order 66 but he doesn39t know anything about Vader or Order 66 And it would be called quotGhosts of the Old Republicquot

  • TrueNorth Productions

    Swtor is by far the best game ever made Nuff said

  • orange turquoise

    this would have been much better as a fps

  • FollowerOfDeimos

    I prefer this to WoW Never saw the appeal of WoW

  • Zach Zier

    This goes to show you just because you have the force and a lightsaber doesn39t mean someone without both can39t kick your ass

  • J CT

    Hope its like battlefront 2 but with multiplayer

  • The Ricktator

    Seems like the Jedi of the old Republic were so much more stronger when compared to their contemporary counterparts I mean damn To be able to stop a lightsaber with your bare hands That39s some seriously hardcore shit

  • Shirley Anne Mankinen

    Star Wars gets better and better

  • Lolololololol xd


  • Marcin Machniewski

    How did she deflect the lightsaber 335

  • amiel asparen

    how awesome it is for a clone to take on a darth jedi still loving this trailer how old it becomes