Sleeve tattoo - Session 1 time lapse смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Chase Aldredge

    I would be PISSED if I payed for 4 hours and got this

  • Bill Hughes

    awesome job man amazing and fuck these dumbasses talking shit they r all modest likely severely mentally challenged probably had to get someone to type for them

  • Tevin Changoo

    how much would that cost

  • Kelly Waynick

    I was wondering how much would something like this cost I39m a new fan of your videos and your art is amazing

  • Jerson Ceciliano

    hi I really like your videos amazing I would like to know for soft shading short or Long stroke thank39s

  • skivvy09

    hey what ink did you use for this piece

  • SuperPSTutorials

    That39s all he did in 4 hours Some shading lmao

  • Luis Franco

    Bro where is your tattoo shop at I wants to find

  • Loco Bro

    Where did u bought ur tattoo machines bro

  • Richard Ainscough

    very clever nice artwork

  • dazzla2010

    it took you 4 hours to do that

  • Gotta confuse the body, right

    Your artwork is incredible Well done

  • Richard Harber

    when u do ur grey wash shading r u going from light to dark

  • pedro takatsuki

    where is the sec session

  • CH3RRYxB0MBx

    What39s the name of the song

  • vanys ;]

    Belssimos trabalhos sombreado perfeito parabns

  • Reall Junior

    awesome what is the name of the song

  • Josue Mata

    when shading do you pull out quick or press for sometime then pullout i hope you understand my question lol

  • Dub_Ninja

    how much does it cost

  • melissa solis

    O wow I was not expecting thatI expected maybe California or something lolI39m in Las Vegas But the day I visit Romania maybe one day hopefully I will definitely need a tattoo from you

  • Grigoriy Fedorov

    Hello Cant you would shoot a video where you do not accelerate Many people enjoy Thank you

  • Abishek Aryal

    I39m gonna visit Romania someday just to get tattoo form you

  • melissa solis

    Awesome I don39t have fb but I have Instagram What39s your ig name

  • melissa solis

    ive watched every single video love your work how do I get tattooed by you

  • michael peters

    Another quotbeautyquot piece of ur art work ThumbsUp from moi brother WELL DONE MP

  • melissa solis

    Definitely I am doing research on flightshotelspricing as we speak well write in this case What39s your charge does it depend on size