Tattoo Time Lapse - Alexis Vaatete смотреть видео бесплатно

Sullen TV and Stencil Stuff present 'Tattoo Timelapse' with Alexis Vaatete!

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Дата: 2017-01-20 02:27:17

  • Ryan Hamilton

    fucking beautiful tattoo and video was very well done


    amqzing art size of the needles please

  • Justin Sane

    How many sessions does a typical full arm sleeve take

  • Modesto Barrios

    quiero tatuarme toda la pierna si uno d estos das enta aburrido y no tiene clientes qe tatuar viajese a colombia y me tata

  • Jack Kelly

    This tattoo is insane really want a sleeve

  • Jose Sanchez

    cute boy his arms are son strong mmmm delicious

  • StingingRodgerMate

    I can39t wait to get a full sleeve

  • Rogueplayer

    how much did this cost

  • GIlo Adu

    For my 21st birthday i was planing on getting three roses on my forearm in black and grey do they do that shit here

  • Mark

    Hello I39m planning a sleeve tattoo and was just wondering what colour is he using for the eyes etc The greenblue colour It looks fantastic and I39d like to add it to my colours Would really appreciate a response Stunning tattoo mate

  • Rogueplayer

    this by far the best tattoo I want that too but on my arm

  • Michael Giordano

    that was insanely sick

  • Logan Ruelle

    What are those needles and tips they39re using

  • Demonic Leopard

    Amazing Can39t wait to get a tattoo when I get older D

  • blueberry wonderless

    How much did the tattoo cost

  • drew mack

    i really want something like this but as a lower half sleeve

  • Hisham Moharam

    fuck thats a piece of art

  • sik pig

    leg tattoos are so gay only some really hot chicks can pull it off everyone else looks like a faggot

  • Rafaela Palmeira Barboza

    Simplesmente incrvel Linda tattoo

  • Zane Ro'Meave

    I am thinking of getting a sleeve Tatoo Any ideas

  • AroundtheWord Travel

    it39s really good video

  • LunaticReason

    I got my first tattoo this week a very large back piece that took 4hrs not finished though Got to back for shading and maybe color It looks fantastic btw

  • German Menjivar

    I love the sound of a machine shading you can just hear the brush strokes Tight tat Good stuff

  • Darcs909

    man is he something or what those grey tones with minimal color to make it pop are just brilliant one of my mentors no doubt

  • Allen Jacob

    Awesome vid Anybody know the name of the song

  • thisisnotstandard

    how long did this tattoo take

  • Sergio Arzola

    Damn every video gets better and better I hope to Tattoo on SullenTv one day D

  • Peter Pan

    The tattoo time said 11 hours how is the video only 6 minutes tho

  • Lucas Gabriele

    Wow alexis killed it on the owl he39s got skills

  • amedina999

    That was pretty badass man

  • Man Horse

    he didnt use any reference

  • buddystix

    Awesome job on this video the music and the way it was put together fit39s perfectly

  • Avancer Art

    Its thee quotowl kingquot himself Alexis Dude is the truth Everyone in his shop is off the chain with their skills