The Descent смотреть видео бесплатно

  • SteeScribbles

    Somehow this is still the drunkest you have ever been on stream

  • Leo Cooper

    gti hate it when people say quotyou know that one wherequotgtlater says quotdid you see that video wherequot

  • ThundergodRaiden

    i hope miflet ascended hes gentle

  • Sir Laughsalot

    I39m convinced that Sean gets some crazy tourettes problems from being drunk 39cause he gets so momentarily upset about these flies in his room

  • Ebin Shitposter :DD

    how do you shit your like HUH and then you shit yourself

  • thoriumbrother

    bantam bad for goffim

  • Hussyfskap

    i love this life is dranks level shitanyone know of more videos where he just gets folded like a lawnchair during a stream i want all of them

  • Steven Schneider

    yo by 10 minutes in it39s just complete gibberish

  • smart ZAK

    Holy shit Broteam got loony toon level drunk that stream

  • Baxter

    You did not just have juice

  • SodaGod1000

    It39s YWing not VWing you fucking mong

  • Anne Isopod

    You get completely shitfaced so fast

  • pen_BERRIES

    What was it like editing this and seeing how drunk you actually were

  • Danny Hengel

    only in Canada I was so loud my neighbors not only didn39t complain to me but they spent their own money to move away from mebecause I was loud and they didn39t want to stand up for themselves holyfucking shitalso it must be nice to pretend to be so fucked as a cry for help You39re really living in your prime Rats off to ya

  • ChannelShoreyo

    I need this shit quoted on a pic of a nebula or something truly motivational

  • Luke Procida

    Nice Capulets and Montagues

  • Sean James

    708Best description of phimosis ever

  • PraiseTheSun20

    It39s like talking to my alcoholic neighbor

  • InuitInua

    Is this a cry for help

  • Victor Alpert

    951 is where it gets real

  • Reggie Torian

    He must have had a good laugh while editing this

  • Patrick Tanswell

    What39s that classical song at the beginning

  • Alix1723

    You must39ve been shattered after that fishtank ordeal

  • JasminLeblanc

    When you39re so drunk you start speaking french

  • Qsaws

    As someone who39s first language is french hearing broteam speak french is pretty funny he39s not even bad at it


    why does he keep saying he wants to eat his hands

  • pockypurse

    This is making me fuckin39 die D

  • SanctuaryReintegrate

    Last time I was that drunk I woke up in a hotel bathtub wearing clothes I didn39t recognize

  • Chris Simpson

    I don39t even want to bite my shitty fingers off i want to bite my awesomes

  • William Murphy

    I fucking love when he talks about Geralt like he holds him in such high esteem

  • King of the Rats

    Cauldron full of Poutine

  • Ecksy Dee

    quotI39m gonna bite my fingers off I39m not even gonna bite my shitty fingers off I39m gonna bite my awesomes offquot

  • imrlyboredful

    Whenever I feel like I39ve had too much to drink I watch this video and think quotWow I could be a lot drunker I39m slackingquot

  • John Doe

    imagine your name is hayden

  • Flow

    If you are watching this instead of the full 6 hour stream and the 2 and a half hour edit hole after you39re missing out

  • whit3emperor

    Bro team makes a pretty good joker DD

  • stranger59

    It39s real sad that the original Bro Team died that night His replacement has done a nearly seamless job though

  • I2YUNG4U

    oh god this is the infamous batman stream


    for the first 4 mins i thought this was some pc port of a phone game but scrolled down and it39s until dawnpeople call naughty dog39s games movies and there39s this shit

  • bEEt

    anybody got that liveleak link

  • Soultrip89

    Props for that background music Awesome bit of classical Hilarious video though xD

  • Zorlock The Warlock

    Remember Gossam impossers

  • Walter K

    In the end he turns into the joker

  • Kris Bluefield

    You sound hella tankednice dude

  • cakeboys

    drink with me brote and we can tell d ad jokes

  • TheBravePotato1

    Have you ever gotten so fucking drunk that you started speaking french

  • Dane Gibson

    If by juice you mean lean I could see holy fuck you got faded on this one hahahaha

  • TTMR

    the music adds so much

  • Ahmed FARIK

    Very nice

  • Liam Currigan

    845 is better content than I deserve

  • Sean Boy

    Jesus I39ve never heard brote this fucked

  • Toofast Turnip

    Oh this is the stream where you kept yelling quotOH CANADAquot for a couple hours

  • Ahmed FARIK

    Very nice

  • Blueberry Boypussy

    How much did brote drink for this stream oh my god

  • Karmit Fruge

    The glories of alcohol friend

  • Garrigan Saddler

    that fucking drunk laugh at 12 08

  • Renderix

    You got too much fucking blood in your tequila brote

  • 8BitJunkie

    turns on subtitles still no fucking idea what he is saying

  • Aya Namiko

    I feel like brot needs someone to be in the same room as him just to make sure he doesnt do some really dumb shit while drunk

  • Dana Smith

    Favorite part quotImagine your name is Haden I39d rather my name be BakuBakuquot