The Descent смотреть видео бесплатно

  • SteeScribbles

    Somehow this is still the drunkest you have ever been on stream

  • Leo Cooper

    gti hate it when people say quotyou know that one wherequotgtlater says quotdid you see that video wherequot

  • ThundergodRaiden

    i hope miflet ascended hes gentle

  • Biodeamon

    getting such slurred speech you sound like a toddler

  • Ebin Shitposter

    how do you shit your like HUH and then you shit yourself

  • djmasterruski

    i need to know what that second game is called

  • Sir Laughsalot

    I39m convinced that Sean gets some crazy tourettes problems from being drunk 39cause he gets so momentarily upset about these flies in his room

  • Hastings Christopherson

    i need to play more games this drunk

  • Brosus

    quotI hate when people say like quotyou know that episode wherequot and don39t say the fucking show it39s fromquotquotYyyou know that vvvvideo where T T what39s his name incomprehensible gibberish quot

  • Hussyfskap

    i love this life is dranks level shitanyone know of more videos where he just gets folded like a lawnchair during a stream i want all of them

  • smart ZAK

    Holy shit Broteam got loony toon level drunk that stream

  • VexxtraK _

    This is art in it39s purest form

  • Steven Schneider

    yo by 10 minutes in it39s just complete gibberish

  • thoriumbrother

    bantam bad for goffim

  • ChannelShoreyo

    I need this shit quoted on a pic of a nebula or something truly motivational

  • Mookus Erectus

    It39s YWing not VWing you fucking mong

  • Anne Isopod

    You get completely shitfaced so fast

  • pen_BERRIES

    What was it like editing this and seeing how drunk you actually were

  • Baxter

    You did not just have juice

  • InuitInua

    Is this a cry for help

  • Danny Hengel

    only in Canada I was so loud my neighbors not only didn39t complain to me but they spent their own money to move away from mebecause I was loud and they didn39t want to stand up for themselves holyfucking shitalso it must be nice to pretend to be so fucked as a cry for help You39re really living in your prime Rats off to ya

  • Luke Procida

    Nice Capulets and Montagues

  • Sean James

    708Best description of phimosis ever

  • Reggie Torian

    He must have had a good laugh while editing this

  • Victor Alpert

    951 is where it gets real

  • PraiseTheSun20

    It39s like talking to my alcoholic neighbor

  • JasminLeblanc

    When you39re so drunk you start speaking french


    why does he keep saying he wants to eat his hands

  • Alix1723

    You must39ve been shattered after that fishtank ordeal

  • Qsaws

    As someone who39s first language is french hearing broteam speak french is pretty funny he39s not even bad at it

  • Patrick Tanswell

    What39s that classical song at the beginning

  • pockypurse

    This is making me fuckin39 die D

  • SanctuaryReintegrate

    Last time I was that drunk I woke up in a hotel bathtub wearing clothes I didn39t recognize

  • Chris Simpson

    I don39t even want to bite my shitty fingers off i want to bite my awesomes

  • King of the Rats

    Cauldron full of Poutine

  • imrlyboredful

    Whenever I feel like I39ve had too much to drink I watch this video and think quotWow I could be a lot drunker I39m slackingquot

  • Your #1 Fan

    If you are watching this instead of the full 6 hour stream and the 2 and a half hour edit hole after you39re missing out

  • John Doe

    imagine your name is hayden

  • whit3emperor

    Bro team makes a pretty good joker DD

  • William Murphy

    I fucking love when he talks about Geralt like he holds him in such high esteem

  • stranger59

    It39s real sad that the original Bro Team died that night His replacement has done a nearly seamless job though

  • I2YUNG4U

    oh god this is the infamous batman stream

  • bEEt

    anybody got that liveleak link


    for the first 4 mins i thought this was some pc port of a phone game but scrolled down and it39s until dawnpeople call naughty dog39s games movies and there39s this shit

  • Soultrip89

    Props for that background music Awesome bit of classical Hilarious video though xD

  • Zorlock The Warlock

    Remember Gossam impossers

  • cakeboys

    drink with me brote and we can tell d ad jokes

  • Kris Bluefield

    You sound hella tankednice dude

  • Dane Gibson

    If by juice you mean lean I could see holy fuck you got faded on this one hahahaha

  • TheBravePotato1

    Have you ever gotten so fucking drunk that you started speaking french

  • Ahmed FARIK

    Very nice

  • Liam Currigan

    845 is better content than I deserve

  • Toofast Turnip

    Oh this is the stream where you kept yelling quotOH CANADAquot for a couple hours

  • Walter K

    In the end he turns into the joker

  • Nitsud

    quotLook at bantam over therebantam bad 4 gotamquot lol

  • Blueberry Boypussy

    How much did brote drink for this stream oh my god

  • Ahmed FARIK

    Very nice

  • James Suetholz

    This is the most disgusting show of alcoholism I39ve ever seen and my mother had drinking problems when I was a child

  • Garrigan Saddler

    that fucking drunk laugh at 12 08

  • Sean Boy

    Jesus I39ve never heard brote this fucked