Ace Combat Assault Horizon: Cinematic Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • ___Axg96 ___

    I love how there39s an obvious Friendly Fire in the trailer lol Watch 113 at half speed

  • Karl-Heinz Sammer

    this is call of duty not ace combat

  • Hornet Magtf

    I wonder if anyone has ever given any thought to an Ace Combat motion picture

  • bum bum artem

    f 15 cy 27 Pak fa t 50

  • Anjas Nopriantoro

    Ace Combat Modern Warfare

  • phoebe zakka

    Boo ooo39quot393939

  • FDNY, Hook & Ladder 118

    I hope they make a game like this for next gen ps4 and xbox1

  • Epsilon

    I don39t get why people are angry about this game I liked it May not be too storyline injected but it sure was fun playing itStoryline wise I39d suggest playing the older Ace Combat games

  • The Proxy

    I really fucking hate that people are saying that Ace Combat is the aircraft version of Call of Duty Check the older Ace Combats like 45Zero and 6 for those who are not a fan of it and compare them to CoD

  • TheReboot70

    probably gonna get laughed right off the page for this but I have ac 4 just finished a mission with an A10 flying in a canyon being something of a airplane buff gave me white knuckles

  • Dash Dushan

    Best ace combat game ever

  • Battleballs

    This is a really cool trailer Too bad I hear that this game isn39t as good as it39s predecessors

  • Sriker Gurram

    markov makarov ghost cod

  • Nero Vermillion

    Top 8 strongest ace heroes1 Galm 1 Cipher from Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War PS22 Gryphus 1 from Ace Combat X Skies of Deception PSP3 Mobius 1 from Ace Combat 4 Shattered SkiesDistant Thunder PS24 Antares Squadron from Ace Combat X2 Joint Assault PSP5 Razgriz 1 Blaze from Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War PS26 Garuda 1 from Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation XBOXPS3PC7 Warwolf 1 Bishop from Ace Combat Assault Horizon XBOXPS3PC8 Scarface 1 from Ace Combat 2 PS1Galm 1 is the the top ace of the aces because he shot down many veteran ace squadrons Excalibur Huge Laser Tower fotresses destroy mass of destruction in nuclear facilities by flying down to the deep underground tunnel and his comrade 39Pixy39 using Morgan aircraft

  • Unseen History Buff

    Ah the ugly duckling of the Ace Combat series For those who never played any Ace Combat game before they saw it as an wonderful game However for fans like myself this game was not only an disappointment but an betrayal This game strayed away from what made the series so good and ever since the series has been lackluster Hopefully Ace Combat 7 will bring it back from the brink

  • Chibikki

    OST at 248 is called dogfight However theme that played on intro actually is mixed version

  • Christopher John Baldelomar

    And the Russian leader looks like an American but he39s Russian because the accent

  • Juan Ranger

    with the soundtrack at 0249 I imagine a battle between to squadrons 3 planes each The first squadron has Galm 1 Razgriz 1 and Mobius 1 The second squadron has Galm 2 Pixy Yellow 13 and the Grabacr leader Imagine that battle while listening to this soundtrack and you39ll realize shit would just turn real

  • Christopher John Baldelomar

    Wait this must be set in Dubai because I saw the burj Khaklifa that39s in Dubai right and yes I like ace combat

  • kananisA75

    OST at 245

  • Chibikki

    Theme at 248 is called Dogfight However theme that played in intro video is mixed version

  • The Flying Grecko

    249 ermahgerd steroids

  • PrestonOver900000000

    Him kill Ace Combat

  • Vadim Berdnikov

    Try battlefield 4 you will see where the real 3939Ace39s3939 are

  • Soloquedararock

    Its a good game maybe the story line is a bit naive and short I was waiting something like ace combat 5 the unsung war maybe the best of the saga

  • brayan jinete loco

    si as intentado suicidarte tienes uevacos apilotarlo

  • iridium248

    What would a Russian drink besides vodka Living in Russia is stressful Vodka helps

  • Elessar2880

    Looks like a fucking arcade gameTime Crisis 4Fuck you console idiotsGod damn if this series switched to PC lead and give you console shitheads the shaft like it should be this series wouldn39t have sucked so bad

  • Bob is building an army This tank amp Bob are against GoogleIl Copy and Paste this all over YouTube To bring back the old comment system

  • John

    I don39t give a shit what all the haters say this game was beautiful

  • nintendo009cyborg

    Nothing like the old Ace combats I didn39t like this one

  • The Allied Powers

    yeah in multiplayer you can get mobius 139s callsign and raptor

  • The Allied Powers


  • Sanya Bennett

    Reference to old ace combat they39re tons in this game

  • OneSidedBattle

    No no Russia and the US are working together to fight Russian rebels Not gust

  • TheJoshas123

    lol i thought the same thing at first when i heard the name but its not makarov its markov

  • ViteK ChuvaCheK

    Russian bad Americans are the heroes lolAmerican heroes bombed Syria Egypt Libya Iraq Afghanistan

  • solway

    WTF Is this half call of duty why is makarov in there

  • Don G

    People look up Ace Combat Infinity its real and coming this september

  • Snow 22

    its not the xbox360 its the xboxone

  • Lachlan Sutherland

    To me I think the game is one of the best air combat games I have played I admit the story is a bit iffy but still is good

  • Scott11078

    She39s in a lot of them even Ace combat 3

  • Singh S

    hbuyktw i agree one of my top 10 also man you would probably enjoy this online game gt bitly1cScsYZriqqo

  • DeadlyRecon

    edit a reference andor easter egg

  • DeadlyRecon

    They must have done that as a reference to the character since she is one of the most recognizable characters by name and face in the AC community

  • Lenariet

    If they weren39t always using the USA as the good guys there would be no need for the Russian counterpart either But the Ace Combat developers never had been to creative on that part as far as I remember Even their quotstrangerealquot world in the earlier games was merely copying wars and factions the world had already seen before the Belkans for example were basically German forces


    this is real earth better than ace combat 5 or zero

  • Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne

    The true reason of that is because after 39murika Russia has the largest well prepared army and that39ll be fun to fight If not you were fighting somaly pirates on gliders

  • RICHARD8bit

    058 what the hell is kei nagase doing in this game

  • lolsoar

    What do you mean quotCartoon Gamesquot Like a fantasy game How is that cartoonish Is Call of Duty a quotNonCartoonquot game Please explain

  • Upinthestarsboy

    go back to strangereal namco that39s where the best storylines are

  • Sangheili Rawr

    Horseshit play Ace Combat 4 5 and Zero Way better than this Cock of Doodle bs

  • epidazzzz

    becoz quottheyquot are americans

  • Arabian Wolf

    why then they don39t make a game where you39re a Russian and US are the bad guy

  • Jonathan Mota

    shame it didnt sell well

  • Jose Acosta

    all of them from ace combat rightsorry only played this one is why im asking

  • Lenariet

    But it39s always bad guy Russian ultranationalists They never come from any other country Russia only always Looks like there aren39t too many bad people living in the USA Iran Syria North Korea or Europe any longer