The Amazing Deus Ex Human Revolution Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Ceyhun Yabgu

    Robot galiba Vladimir Putin

  • benim adım OSMAN

    gavur ellerine kalan yorum blmn kurtaralm arkadalar

  • That Welsh Guy

    Pretty accurate It just needs the yellow tint Then you have a Human Revolution trailer

  • Rainman Slim

    We all know it39s a wiskey ad but it FITS SO WELL

  • Vladimir Balabaev

    i shit in my pants fucking human android

  • Moonstalker

    Heh despite this not having anything to do with Deus Ex the theme and feel would fit the universe not as an ingame event or style but if you see that kind of thing in a TV spot ingame for any sort of product that it39s supposed to advertise I think it would be in the mood of thatI know it was fake since I saw that vid but I never commented it so yeah But as far as the fact it advertises whiskey well I think it39s a bit misplaced though

  • Tudor4398

    This is based on the assumption that human feelings can39t be artificially created

  • Maxim Chepelev

    Never seen this one before

  • Fosi94

    I didn39t ask for this

  • jagouar100

    fake it39s an whiskey commersial

  • Jashon Moore

    Sad thing is even though we enjoy this game most people isn39t gonna see past the game and understand the messagethere39s a hidden agenda here in plain sight Pay attention

  • Bitch Please

    this is not deus ex trailerit39s jhonny walkers whiskey commercial

  • Gabriel P. Moraes

    This was not a whisky commercial

  • Möbius

    This is actually the greatest thing I39ve ever seen

  • Diabolictoaster

    So this is based on the Great Man theory

  • TheSourpatch01

    I don39t care if this is or was a whiskey commercial This is amazing and pretty relevant to Deus Ex in a certain context

  • Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    I am faster than you i am stronger than you certainly i will last much longer than yeah yeah yeah do you have a penis You impotent bastard droid

  • MNVikingsforever

    Do you guys still not realize that this is really a Johnnie Walker advertisement with Deus Ex just added at the end It39s really a brilliant ad both waysbut in the end it was made to sell alcohol lol

  • Holic Shot

    Feelings can be replicated if it39s made of particles it can be manipulated by our willAnd the kind of immortality described in this whiskey ad lol Deus Ex seriously achieved through doing one great thing is nothing but an illusion meant to deceive you Immortality is immortality if you are dead you are dead