The Amazing Deus Ex Human Revolution Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Rainman Slim

    We all know it39s a wiskey ad but it FITS SO WELL

  • Vladimir Balabaev

    i shit in my pants fucking human android

  • Moonstalker

    Heh despite this not having anything to do with Deus Ex the theme and feel would fit the universe not as an ingame event or style but if you see that kind of thing in a TV spot ingame for any sort of product that it39s supposed to advertise I think it would be in the mood of thatI know it was fake since I saw that vid but I never commented it so yeah But as far as the fact it advertises whiskey well I think it39s a bit misplaced though

  • Fosi94

    I didn39t ask for this

  • Maxim Chepelev

    Never seen this one before

  • Tudor4398

    This is based on the assumption that human feelings can39t be artificially created

  • Jashon Moore

    Sad thing is even though we enjoy this game most people isn39t gonna see past the game and understand the messagethere39s a hidden agenda here in plain sight Pay attention

  • jagouar100

    fake it39s an whiskey commersial

  • Bitch Please

    this is not deus ex trailerit39s jhonny walkers whiskey commercial

  • Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    I am faster than you i am stronger than you certainly i will last much longer than yeah yeah yeah do you have a penis You impotent bastard droid

  • Gabriel P. Moraes

    This was not a whisky commercial

  • Möbius

    This is actually the greatest thing I39ve ever seen

  • Diabolictoaster

    So this is based on the Great Man theory

  • TheSourpatch01

    I don39t care if this is or was a whiskey commercial This is amazing and pretty relevant to Deus Ex in a certain context

  • MNVikingsforever

    Do you guys still not realize that this is really a Johnnie Walker advertisement with Deus Ex just added at the end It39s really a brilliant ad both waysbut in the end it was made to sell alcohol lol

  • Holic Shot

    Feelings can be replicated if it39s made of particles it can be manipulated by our willAnd the kind of immortality described in this whiskey ad lol Deus Ex seriously achieved through doing one great thing is nothing but an illusion meant to deceive you Immortality is immortality if you are dead you are dead

  • חומס צ'יפס סלט

    Yes he is a robot but he need39s to breath

  • Goats

    gtBe immortalgtDo many great things

  • StealthBlade98

    so he can be immortal by being a cyborg but you can be immortal by doing 1 great thing I suppose that39s true but not really the way people want lol

  • zappy777k

    What a awesome videoYour choice awaits and your prison

  • Batvinni

    Guys pls up this comment This isn39t Deus Ex Human Revolution trailer Dat is quotJohnnie Walker Androidquot work of the another man So epic video and so bad attitude

  • nocrodomus

    This is from johnny walker

  • Cheesebane

    Yet how can he wonder what wondering would be like if he can39t wonder

  • SirKitty LumpyPants

    He wonders what it feels like to feel fucktard Wondering isn39t feeling

  • Dave Yognaught

    This isnt a dues ex trailer It39s a johnnie walker add

  • Magic

    Wait what the hell Augments cant feelWhats with Jensen grunting everytime he gets shot

  • Johnny Marvéll

    anyone have the name of the original video

  • pseudo intellectual

    how could you feel that you wanna feel unless you already feel

  • Oscar Memo

    its looks like a nike commercialwe only need JUST DO IT at the end

  • Lallari100

    give yours live away xD

  • Matt

    what39s that quotone great thingquot

  • exhutch miracle69

    your welcome glad that I helped the music is truly uplifting

  • the4horseman

    Read it in JC39s voice

  • MultiNonymous

    This has nothing to do with Deus Ex does it

  • komuononado

    I can39t stop watching it breathtaking

  • Hakudohshi

    While I don39t like this ad because it gets the context of Deus Ex wrong The games have featured androids exactly ZERO times I find it really compelling as far as advertisements go a lot of care and thought was put into this and it shows

  • David Russell-Smith

    So he wishes to experience humanity so that he can feel emotions like wonder and longing and despair in doing so exhibiting those exact traits some paradox

  • exhutch miracle69

    The name is zane gort

  • Lusus Naturae

    Oh well I like everyone Doctor Reed

  • LethalAmbition

    Wait this is a whiskey commercial S that39s crazy

  • poppop360

    o shit time to get the trusty shotgun and fight off these dam tormenters again

  • john

    Jhonny Walker39s commercial keep walcking

  • Tudor4398

    Nice That dude39s muscles looks like carbon nanotube stronger than steel material discovered nowadays which can be used as muscles too

  • Halfhesh

    ya you aug we don39t like your kind around here i know what you are and i know what you are doing watching us learning about us but i will get you someday you damn aug

  • Alex Ditlof

    I never asked for this

  • calmingspeed

    What a revolutionary trailer for a game life and the whole conceptional idea of what will make you famousor infamous

  • Vnix

    one great thiDIDNTAKSFORTHIS

  • Strawberry Swisher

    That last line would39ve been amazing had he said quotI can achieve immortality by simply existing

  • MrFlylice

    Oh my God Jegzag a bomb